Aquatica Orlando is about to welcome spring in a thrilling way! The Orlando water park will plunge guests into the new season with the grand opening of Reef Plunge. Aquatica’s all new water slide experience will open to the general public on March 14. But before that, pass members will have the chance to ride it first on March 10 from 3-6pm.

Reef Plunge is as its name describes. The ride plunges guests through over 330 feet of fiberglass. As they fly, marine life can be seen in the cutouts of the slide offering a unique way to take in the animals of the park. Commerson’s dolphins, leopard sharks, sardines, and a variety of other cold-water fish will be visible on Reef Plunge.

In between rides guests can recover from the thrills in any of the 1,000 new loungers and beach chairs around the slide. If all of the screaming made you hungry and parched grab a bite to eat at the new quick-service pizza place or a drink at the new beach bar. The Banana Beach Cookout has also undergone some upgrades for guests to enjoy.

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