Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant at Disney Springs is known for their Irish food, drink and entertainment. Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or not you can always grab a pint of Guinness and fish and chips and watch the Raglan Road dancers perform an Irish jig. And now the Irish pub is stepping things up a notch with the new Rhythms of Raglan show.

After months of rehearsals in Ireland, the brand new show – Rhythms of Raglan 2018 –has launched. The show uses the pub’s stunning video backdrop, acoustics and the very best Irish talent. Raglan Road Show Director, David Hayes said in a statement the show would be “an authentic cultural journey that’s both ‘lyrical and rollicking’ … it will take us from Ireland’s Ancient East to the most contemporary of Irish traditional musical content and ideas, all topped off with dance routines that punch and float in equal measure.”

Rhythms of Raglan tells the musical and visual stories of Ireland’s culture that spans thousands of years from ancient times to today. For the show, Raglan Road did a complete revamping of its dancers and musicians. Guests can be entertained by 1 new Raglan Road dance troupe with 8 new Irish dancers and one troupe veteran, all of whom perform 16 new dance routines with 14 new songs. Those songs are performed by 16 musicians, 11 of which are new. The show will be performed 4 times each evening. There will also be a new Rollicking Raglan brunch show.

In addition to the onstage production, Raglan Road also introduced a new late-night band - Strings and Things, and two additional new acts – TradGad and High Road – alongside the return of Reel Republic with additional new musicians.