With Walt Disney World getting busier and busier all the time, getting your FastPasses planned ahead of time is crucial. But what if you planned a last minute trip and couldn't snag that FastPass you wanted? Or what if you already used your three complimentary FastPasses and are trying to get in all the rides you can before the Park closes? Luckily, not every ride at Walt Disney World requires that you have a FastPass and some never have a line long enough to worry about. So here are our best rides at Walt Disney World that don't need a FastPass.

And it's good to know you rarely need FastPasses for shows across all parks. This is true whether you're planning for Festival of the Lion King at Animal Kingdom, PhilharMagic at Magic Kingdom, Muppets 3-D Theater at Hollywood Studios or any of the many films at Epcot. Save your FastPasses for the important rides. Although there are never guarantees at Walt Disney World, these rides have remained pretty tried and true for us over the years as rides that don't have wait times over 30 minutes on most days.

The People Mover in Magic Kingdom
Not only does The People Mover not usually have a terribly long line, it also doesn't even have an option to get a Fast Pass. The best part of the People Mover is that it offers some pretty great views of Magic Kingdom. It isn't too short of a ride and is a nice break from being on your feet all day. 

Living with the Land in Epcot
Living with the Land is a slow boat ride dedicated to conservation in The Land building and we love it for a lot of reasons. Not only is the wait time usually super manageable, but it's also long enough of a ride that if we do have to wait a little bit, at least we know it was worth it. It's also fully located inside, which makes it a great escape from rain, crowds and the intense Florida heat. 

Primeval Whirl in Animal Kingdom
Dino Land U.S.A. is a pretty underrated spot in Animal Kingdom and although it is a bit kitschy, it's one of the places we love to escape to when the crowds at Animal Kingdom become unbearable. This fun ride might be a little more carnival-esque than what you're used to seeing at Walt Disney World, but the lines are usually pretty low, and it will give you a little something different to do in Animal Kingdom. 

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin in Magic Kingdom
Another ride we love for its bird's eye views is the Magic Carpets, found in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom. This easy going ride in Magic Kingdom doesn't usually have much of a wait and is the perfect excuse to relax and let the wind blow through your hair. 

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin in Magic Kingdom
While Toy Story Midway Mania generally has waits that will make you want to cry, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin is usually a pretty good bet for low wait times in Magic Kingdom. With its video game like theme and black light lighting effects, this ride has especially low wait times at the beginning and end of the day when most people are trying to catch those hard to get rides.

Mad Tea Party at Magic Kingdom
Nowhere near as long a wait as some of the more popular rides in Magic Kingdom, you can usually count on a shorter wait at the teacups. And who doesn't love a shaded spin around the Mad Hatters table? Much like the Flying Dumbo ride also in Magic Kingdom, the lines for this one will vary depending on crowds, so keep an eye out for a shorter line. 

Journey into Imagination with Figment in Epcot
Riding through the sensory labs of the Imagination Institute offers a break from the chaos in the parks and gets you up close and personal with Epcot's mascot, Figment! There is never a wait for this classic old-school ride and it's worth the journey if you need a break from the elements.

So there you have it! Most of these rides will generally not have lines long enough to warrant use of a Fast Pass at Disney, but keep in mind that during very high crowd periods, like Christmas, anything is possible!