June was a big month for the Toy Story franchise! Between the release of Toy Story 4 in theaters and the first anniversary of Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it’s a good time to be a toy. Pixar is known for their subtle “Easter Eggs” that they hide within their many films, and Toy Story Land is following suit! The land’s new Google Street View imagery has some pretty clever Pixar Easter Eggs to spot, and we’re sharing them with you today, so you know what to look for.

The number “A113” is another Pixar Easter Egg that gets integrated into each film, but what does it represent? It is a reference to a classroom at the Cal Arts art school that many of Pixar’s creators spent time in during school! Near the Popsicle Stick Wall on Toy Story Land’s new Google Street View imagery, you’ll notice a guest sporting a tee with the same iconic number.

Buy n Large
This company’s logo has made an appearance throughout many of Pixar’s films, but you’d probably recognize the Buy n Large name from Wall-E. The logo can also be spotted on the Google Street View imagery from Andy’s Backyard now too! Watching guests enjoy the Alien Swirling Saucers attraction, you’ll notice the logo on the back of someone’s shirt.

The protagonist from Cars is number 95 on the race track, and Lightning McQueen’s number and name can be found in Toy Story Land in the new Google Street View imagery! If you look it up, you’ll find someone sporting a red, McQueen jersey. As you watch the other Pixar films, keep an eye out for other references to the famous race car!

Miguel’s Guitar
Are you un poco loco for the movie Coco? If so, you’ll appreciate this next Pixar Easter Egg find in Toy Story Land’s new Google Street View imagery! Sitting on a bench in Andy’s Backyard, you’ll spot a guest strumming Miguel’s guitar. What a fun nod to the musical Pixar film!

One of the main characters from Finding Nemo can be spotted in the new Google Street View imagery for Toy Story Land! Near the toy plane in the exit area of Toy Story Mania, you’ll spot a fun, Nemo keychain on a guest’s backpack. This isn’t the first time you’d be finding Nemo outside of his two Pixar movies though! You may have noticed him in the background of other Pixar films like Inside Out as well.

Pizza Planet Truck
It’s been noted that a Pizza Planet truck can be spotted in every Pixar movie, and this is still the case for the new Google Street View imagery in Andy’s Backyard! Near the Woody’s Lunchbox seating area, you’ll find a woman with a Pizza Planet truck toy near a stroller.

Sid Phillips dates all the way back to the original Toy Story film from 1995! Fans of the Toy Story series would recognize his black skull shirt anywhere. In the new Google Street View imagery for Toy Story Land, near the giant Luxo Jr. Ball you’ll find someone wearing this classic skull tee hiding in plain sight! Did you ever notice the garbage man from Toy Story 3 is also wearing the very same shirt? Coincidence? We think not!

Pixar films aren’t the only ones with Easter Eggs in this new Toy Story Land Google Street View imagery! A reference to a Pixar short titled The Blue Umbrella can also be spotted. Near the launch area of Slinky Dog Dash, you’ll find two guests under red and blue umbrellas, just like the ones from the 2013 computer-animated short!

Pixar has become well-known for going the extra mile and incorporating these subtle Easter Eggs into their many films and shorts over the years. It’s interesting to re-watch a Pixar film and notice a small detail that may have gotten past you during a previous viewing, so knowing that you’ve got another place to search for Pixar Easter Eggs within the new Google Street View imagery for Toy Story Land is pretty exciting!