They don’t call Florida “The Sunshine State” without reason. The heat indexes of Central Florida, home of the Walt Disney World Parks, are known to spike during the summer months. In addition to keeping yourself hydrated with water and slathered with sunscreen, visit these eight spots throughout the Walt Disney World Resort when you need that extra respite of shade.

Walt Disney World Railroad on Main Street, U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom
“To all who come to this happy place, welcome,” declares the entrance to the Magic Kingdom Park, where you can step forward underneath the Walt Disney World Railroad on Main Street, U.S.A. Whether you need a quick breather before embarking on a full day of magic or you need to rest on your way back home to the hotel, find a calm area of shade underneath the Walt Disney World Railroad. For a bonus respite, take a trip on the train around the entire Magic Kingdom; the ride in total only takes about 20 minutes!

The Land Pavilion at EPCOT
One of the coolest and most comfortable places to relax in EPCOT? The Land Pavilion. This massive building comes to a point at its top, creating a pyramid shape that can be seen from across the park. Within this complex, take a breather on a bench outside of Soarin’, in a booth with a snack on the basement floor, or within the theater housing Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable.

Pandora in Animal Kingdom
The World of Avatar section of Animal Kingdom is virtually covered by mysteriously floating islands, offering sections of shade interspersed with some of the most awe-inspiring visual artwork the Walt Disney Company has created in a park to date. Plus, with the popularity of this newly opened land of Pandora, you will gladly welcome the shade when battling those crowded walkways.

Star Wars Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios
For the traveler in your group wishing to escape to a galaxy far, far away, take a break at the Star Wars Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios. Featuring much-needed fans and covered walkways, this area showcases props, imagery, games and characters from the beloved galactic franchise. You can even meet characters like BB-8, Chewbacca, and Kylo Ren before sitting down for a well-earned rest.

Underneath the Astro Orbiters at Magic Kingdom
In Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, find the iconic Astro Orbiters high above the crowds as they circle and show off views of the entire park. Underneath their tracks, as well as those of the People Mover, find a shaded area of tables and chairs, complete with snacks and drinks provided by The Lunching Pad.

The American Adventure and Amphitheater at EPCOT
Along EPCOT’s World Showcase, each country highlights unique aspects of a culture perhaps unlike your own. However, take a break in the shade halfway through the World Showcase at your own home stop of America — rest your feet underneath the shaded amphitheater or within the building housing the historical experience, The American Adventure.

Finding Nemo: The Musical at Animal Kingdom
“Climb aboard, explorers!” At Animal Kingdom, catch Finding Nemo: The Musical several times a day. This original, forty-minute Broadway-styled show can be found on the outskirts of Expedition Everest in a massive, air-conditioned facility with comfy seats and the most entertaining respite of shade in the parks.

Fairfax Fare Area at Hollywood Studios
Outside of The Tower of Terror stands the Fairfax Fare eatery. After picking up a salad or sandwich at the counter, mosey over to some of the shaded seats within view. This area off the main path of Hollywood Studios can offer a restful break before embarking on a trip to some of the park’s most thrilling attractions.