Some signage has begun popping up at the construction site of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion, Diagon Alley London. Most notably, you’ll now see King’s Cross station marked, where you’ll get to board the Hogwarts Express, but also you’ll see signs on notable London spots like Wyndham’s Theater and Leicester Square Station. Universal Orlando has also added two peep holes, so visitors can see the construction progress. One observation point is located by Kings’ Cross and second one on the other end near Fear Factor Live.

Snag a peek next time you walk by.

Here’s the view from the first peek station.

And the view from the other peek telephone booth station.

The attention to detail Universal Orlando has put into recreating these London sights are staggering. The Wynham’s Theater is looking better and better each day.

Between Wynham’s Theater and Leicester Square Station will be the entrance for Diagon Alley. In this photo you can see the some of the shops of Diagon Alley through the opening.

While it is unknown how the bricks will move and the entrance into Diagon Alley will appear, we found these brick panels in the front of the construction site interesting. It is unclear if they’ll be part of the London area or maybe part of the Diagon Alley entrance way somehow.

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Orlando, FL – 02/03/14

By: Alex Mateo