For the first time ever, AMC’s Walking Dead takes over the Street Experience at Halloween Horror Nights at The Walking Dead: Undead Streets. HHN 23 scare zones put you in the middle of The Walking Dead and have set pieces and props fans will remember from all three seasons. What we discovered was there is a lot more that goes into becoming a flesh-eating zombie than just putting on scary makeup and tattered clothing. Universal Orlando really wanted to recreate The Walking Dead experience, true to the show.

For added realism, there are three types of walkers that you’ll encounter in the street experience, The Walking Dead: The Undead Street, Green, Yellow, and Red Walkers.
  • Red Walkers – These walkers have been dead the longest; think Season 3, they’ve decayed the most and some have missing body parts. All they have left is their sense of smell, so they’re sniffing to find food and don’t make eye contact.
  • Yellow Walkers – These are you’re Season 2 walkers that are more in tuned with sounds and smells. They’ve decayed a bit, but still have their sense of sound, so don’t make a sound.
  • Green Walkers – These are the most agile walkers. There’re from Season 1 of The Walking Dead, and most of them roam around the Atlanta portion of Halloween Horror Nights by the tank. They have just turned so their makeup isn’t as heavy and their clothes aren’t as distressed. These walkers, unlike others, actually do make eye contact and are the most like living humans.
Then, you’ll encounter survivors as well. They’ll talk to you, beg you to help them, and some even get attacked by walkers, soon to be transformed themselves. Other survivors will help you survive the onslaught of walkers; these guys are equipped with weapons and are ready for The Walking Dead world.

Now that you’ll be able to recognize the different walkers, get ready to have an onslaught of them try to attack you! The Undead Streets will make you feel as if some of Halloween Horror Nights guests are actually being bitten and turned into flesh eaters. Universal achieves this affect by adding more walkers as the night goes on. They may start with ten in an area and by the time you come out of a haunted house there are 15, then 20 and it multiplies throughout the night, as if guests are being turned!
As the “walkers” begin to collect in the streets feel free to grab a quick pic of one. Make sure you have your camera ready because they may only pause for just a moment, so act fast.

Another terrifying part about the Undead Streets is the Walker Bomb Truck. If you recall from Season 3, the Governor used a Kamikaze Bread Truck filled with “walkers” to drive through the prison gates, while his Woodbury thugs drew fire at the survivors from afar. Universal has replicated not only the truck but the bombing experience. The Bread Truck Bomb enters through Mel’s parking lot and drives over to Transformer: The Ride where the Woodbury thugs open the back doors and release a truck full of walkers to the public, infusing the area with a concentrated dose of scares. Then after a time, the Governor’s Woodbury thugs corral the walkers, so they can release them to the public all over again by the New York area, then come back and release the walker bomb again. And it’s not only the walkers you’ll have to watch for; these rifle wielding survivors can offer more than a few scares, as they’re very intimidating and interact with the walkers well.

More frightful characters are waiting for you when you’re waiting in line. Chainsaws are hitting the streets once again! Located on the other side of the park, the chainsaw wielders will not only chase after guests in the streets, but this year they will actually enter queue lines and scare the living daylights out of unsuspecting HHN visitors!

Want in on the walker bombing and chainsaw action? There’s so much to see at the Undead Streets like Herschel’s Barn, Dale’s RV, Daryl’s Crossbow, the Well Walker, Bicycle girl, and much more. Look for discounted Halloween Horror Night tickets up to 50% off right here on Best of Orlando.

Orlando, FL – 09/24/13