Walt Disney World offers Resort hotels in an array of price ranges, making it easy for guests to find a place to stay on any budget. In the Value Resort hotel category, there are three different Disney’s All-Star Resorts. There’s three fun themes to choose from, Disney’s All-Star Movies, Disney’s All-Star Music, and Disney’s All-Star Sports! If you’re planning to save on your next stay at Walt Disney World, here are the top things to do at Disney’s All-Star Resorts.

Watch An Outdoor Movie
What’s better than watching a good Disney movie? Watching a good Disney movie under the stars, of course! At the Disney’s All-Star Resorts, outdoor movie times are available all three resort hotels. So, grab a blanket, a snack, and enjoy this complimentary Disney film screening right at your resort!

Take A Dip in the Pool
All three resorts feature two themed pools of their own, so guests have plenty of options when it comes to swimming! Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort has a baseball-themed Grand Slam pool with Goofy on the pitcher’s mound and Surfboard Bay pool as the larger main pool. Disney’s All-Star Music has a large guitar-shaped pool with the Three Caballeros near the Calypso buildings and smaller piano-shaped pool in the center of the resort. Lastly, Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort has a fun Fantasia-themed pool and a second hockey rink-styled theme pool based off The Mighty Ducks film series!

Snap Photos of Larger Than Life Theming
One of the things that stands out about these three value resort hotels is their larger than life theming. Each resort uses colorful, large props to tell the theming story of the area and these areas make for pretty great photo spots! Disney’s All-Star Movies features areas themed to Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians, Fantasia, and more. Disney’s All-Star Sports boasts larger than life helmets, rackets, and basketball hoops, making it a sport lover’s dream. Disney’s All-Star Music themes its buildings after genres of music including rock, country, broadway, and more.

Resort Hop Until You Drop
Since all three Disney’s All-Star Resorts are so close, guests can really enjoy all three resorts in one with ease! No need to fear missing out on something fun at the other two resorts, you can be a part of it all. Whether you’d prefer to check out the other food courts, pools, or larger than life decor, it’s just a quick walk to resort hop among the three. 

Get Your Fill at the Food Court 
All three food courts at the Disney’s All-Star Resorts feature an array of food options for guests to choose from. With classics like pizza and more tailored options like a custom pasta station, you’re sure to find something good for everyone in your party! Since all three food courts are near the front of the resort, this is the perfect place to stop for a quick bite on your way to the parks or for dinner after a memorable day out.

If you’re looking to save on your hotel room at the Most Magical Place on Earth, a room at one of Disney’s All-Star Resorts may be perfect for you! Stay tuned for next week’s Disney’s Magical Moments on Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.