Being a Disney Vacation Club Member has some serious perks! From member lounges to special discounts and more, life as a part of the Disney Vacation Club means even more magic when you visit. One DVC-exclusive event is Moonlight Magic!

Moonlight Magic takes place after dark on select nights throughout the year. Each event takes place in one theme park or water park and offers Disney Vacation Club Members the chance to enjoy the park without the hustle and bustle of other guests! There are shorter-than-usual wait times, complimentary refreshments, and opportunities to meet rare Disney characters.

If you’re attending a Moonlight Magic event for the very first time, you’ll want to make the most of this very special after-hours event! To help you do so, we’re sharing four quick tips for first timers attending a Moonlight Magic event.

Bring Your Appetite
At Moonlight Magic you definitely won’t go hungry! As you enter the event, you’ll receive a wristband and other event goodies like a food voucher. This voucher allows for one meal per guest at select food locations throughout the park! So, whether you decide to dine before you take advantage of the other event activities or decide to wait until later in the night, just know that Moonlight Magic has got dinner covered.

In addition to a full meal, Moonlight Magic also offers complimentary treats for guests throughout the entire event. Based on the different locations, treats may vary but you can expect sweet options like the Premium Mickey Bars or Strawberry Bars at most events! These are included with your ticket in, so don’t be afraid to go back for seconds or even thirds.

Arrive Early
Moonlight Magic won’t actually start until the park is closed for the evening, which usually falls around 9:30 PM. Although the park doesn’t close until 9ish, you’re still welcome to check in to the event a few hours early and enjoy the last few hours of the regular park schedule. 

To make the most of your time while you wait, see if you can schedule a few Fastpass+ reservations for the park! You’ll be able to check off some of your favorites in the park before the event even begins, which leaves more time for extra fun around Moonlight Magic.

Wait To Meet Rare Characters First
This event brings out Disney characters that you may not normally have the chance to interact with! For example, at the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Moonlight Magic event, guests can meet Carl Fredricksen along with Dug and Russell. Although Dug and Russell meet inside the park daily, this extra character addition is a pretty rare opportunity!

If there’s a character at the event that you absolutely need to meet, you’re better off waiting to meet them first. The line for these character spots usually starts to form 45 minutes to an hour before the event starts, but once the event begins, you’ll be among the first to greet the rare characters! After you grab your photos and autographs, you’ll have the rest of the night to enjoy attractions, treats, and dance parties around the park.

Explore The Whole Park
Disney parks are even more magical at night! Outdoor attractions are more thrilling, the weather is a bit cooler, and everything is lit up. Whether you’re exploring Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom or the World of Avatar in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you’ll appreciate the extra time you spend after dark in these theme parks! Without all of the stress of the usual park crowds, you can really enjoy those Disney details after hours.

Moonlight Magic also offers shorter-than-normal wait times which means you can experience your park favorites as many times as your heart desires during the event hours! Iconic attractions like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Slinky Dog Dash, and Expedition Everest and much cooler after sundown, so don’t forget to experience those during your Moonlight Magic Event.

If you’ve ever considered joining the Disney Vacation Club, perks like Moonlight Magic events at Walt Disney World are surely a reason to take the plunge! You can’t beat the opportunity to see the Most Magical Place on Earth after hours, especially when you add in rare character experiences, complimentary treats, and shorter wait times. So, if you’re lucky enough to attend a Moonlight Magic event this year, keep these four first timer tips in mind!