No two trips to Walt Disney World will be ever be the same, because there is always something new and exciting to take part in. Whether you visit with a big group or just your immediate family, each member of your party adds to the overall experience of a Disney day. What about a vacation to Walt Disney World where you go all by yourself? Here are five tips to making the most of a solo trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Treat Yourself
Do you ever pass by the many shops throughout the Walt Disney World resort and a special souvenir catches your eye? A trip alone to the parks is the time to do a little extra shopping! Without having other people to rush to reservations with or wait around for, you have the freedom to see everything the store has to offer. You can even grab souvenirs for those who didn’t make it on the trip!

Table For One
Having such a small party in the parks can pay off for you when it comes to dining reservations. Since you’re visiting solo, you may find that snagging a last-minute reservation on the My Disney Experience app is possible. If you’re planning your solo trip in advance, be sure to choose a restaurant that you wouldn’t normally get to experience! Only paying for one at dinner leaves room in the budget to splurge.

Single Rider Status
One of the the biggest advantages for guests in the park alone is the Single Rider line on attractions. Some of your favorite rides, like Test Track and Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster, feature a line specifically for guests planning to ride the attraction alone. In most cases this line is significantly shorter, which means you’re on the ride faster! If you can avoiding spending time in a line alone, you might as well take advantage of it.

Make New Friends
If you find yourself waiting for an attraction without a Single Rider line, don’t be afraid to socialize with those around you. If the situation arises, you may end up making a new friend while trying to pass the time in line. With so many daily visitors to the Most Magical Place on Earth, you’re sure to find someone to chat with throughout your day!

Take Everything In
When it comes to a Disney day, everything seems less urgent when you’re a party of one. With less variables, you have the chance to take in some of the beauty of the park that you might usually pass by! From Hidden Mickey hunting to other Easter Eggs around Walt Disney World, you may just find some magic you’ve never seen before. Your discoveries and newfound appreciation for the parks is something you can share with others on future trips, too.

Heading into the parks by yourself can seem intimidating at first, but a solo day could actually lead to some of your most unique memories yet. There’s just something about seeing Walt Disney World all by yourself that gives you a new perspective on the parks. So if you find yourself spending the day alone in the parks, keep these tips in mind and you’re sure to have the best day ever.