Did you know SeaWorld Orlando’s biggest mission is rescuing and rehabilitating sea animals? While many of us only think of the park’s thrilling shows and rides, SeaWorld Orlando is most passionate about helping animals in need, like for example the park’s pilot whales. 

In this episode Today I Learned with Lisa Corrao we interview Sara, Supervisor of Animal Training, who gives us more details about the park’s pilot whales and how they came to be at SeaWorld Orlando. 

SeaWorld Orlando’s saved pilot whales now enjoy a home in Dolphin Stadium

Rescued as calves off the coast of Florida, three of the pilot whales seen at the Orlando theme park were brought to SeaWorld Orlando for rehabilitation. For every animal that is rescued, the goal is to rehabilitate it back to health and successfully return it to the ocean. Today, the three pilot whales can be seen flipping, diving and splashing in Blue Horizons in Dolphin Stadium along with another pilot whale that was also rescued by SeaWorld Orlando in Key West. 

Learn more about the pilot whales permanent home at SeaWorld Orlando, their rescue story, as well as their diet and more in the latest video. If you’d like to see the pilot whales yourself, be sure to book your discount SeaWorld Orlando tickets from BestofOrlando.com today!

Orlando, FL – 12/21/16

By: Jena Pugh