Fun Spot America is called Fun Spot America for a reason. The Orlando theme park has something for everyone including family rides, kiddie rides, arcade games, coasters and our favorite, thrill rides. In fact, Fun Spot America is home to some of the biggest thrills in the city, which take you upside down, high in the sky, on a 90-degree adventure and more. Here are the top 5 thrill rides at Fun Spot America:  

Ride all the go karts at Fun Spot America for a high octane thrill ride

1. Go-Karts - You can’t visit Fun Spot America without taking a spin on one of the park’s many go-karts. Choose from four different multi-level tracks. If you are looking for a little speed hop on the Thrasher. This single rider go-kart offers a flat road course so you can really put the pedal to the metal. The Quad Helix is a corkscrew track with dramatic elevations and 25+ degree banks. The Commander is Fun Spot’s most extreme track taking riders 45 feet into the air before flying back down. Finally, the Conquest is a multi-level double corkscrew Florida Ski Jump figure 8 track that allow for both single and double go-karts.

2. SkyCoaster - SkyCoaster is one of Fun Spot America’s newer rides. The World’s Second Tallest SkyCoaster, this ride takes guests 250 feet up for an amazing view of Orlando. But just when you are relaxed and enjoying the scenery, SkyCoaster drops you back down at incredible speeds.

3. Enterprise - Take a thrill upside down on Enterprise. This gravity-defying ride puts you in a gondola ride vehicle that drops parallel to the ground as it spins and lifts upwards at a 90 degree angle. The scariest part is there are no seatbelts, straps or restraints! The centrifugal force keeps you inside. It’s absolutely thrilling!

4. Rip Curl - See what it’s like to ride the gnarly waves of the ocean on the thrill ride Rip Curl. Not your average thrill experience, Rip Curl will take you on a spinning adventure that feels just like getting caught up in a rip curl in the water. This ride spins guests around and around as music blasts in the background. Just when you think you’ve survived the ride starts spinning the other way!  

5. Space Invader - For some time in the sky try the Space Invader. Fun Spot America’s twin to the Hot Seat at Fun Spot Kissimmee, the Space Invader uses two giant arms to swing riders back and forth. The ride swings you more than 180 degrees, past perpendicular, on your back and then on your face!

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Orlando, FL – 9/21/17

By: Jena Pugh