Where’s the most magical place on Earth? Disney, of course! But the most romantic place on Earth? Yep! You got it! Disney again! Walt Disney World will always be a place of love, fantasy and fairytales. After all, Disney and love go together like Lilo and Stitch, Peter and Tink, Mike and Sully and, of course, Mickey and Minnie! If you and your love are looking for a few recommendations of things to do at Disney World, this is for you! Do a few or do them all! Either way, these will get you feeling just a little bit closer to your significant other.

Firework Watching
One of the biggest “must-do’s” for any Disney-goer is to watch their iconic firework show before the night is over. If you’ve ever seen Magic Kingdom’s newest addition, Happily Ever After, you know that it’s just that: a real-life fairytale ending to your day at the park. While most people watch in awe from the inside of the Magic Kingdom, we love getting all snuggly to end our day at the parks. One of our most cherished finds on Disney property are the hammocks on the beach at the Polynesian. These will hold two people and have the best straight-on view of the fireworks! The best part is that the show’s soundtrack is streamed throughout the resort, and there normally isn’t a huge crowd that you have to maneuver around. No crowds and fireworks: definitely the best of both worlds.

Get Dancing At Jellyrolls
If you and your honey love to dance, Jellyrolls is for you! Jellyrolls is a dueling piano bar that’s tucked quietly into the Boardwalk! This place is nothing short of fun and always offers the most upbeat, danceable music. And they have a killer dance floor where you can either slow-dance or let loose together!

Fireworks Cruise
The fireworks are definitely the most romantic part of the evening at Disney, so obviously we just can’t get enough of it. There are many ways to enjoy the nightly fireworks, but this is definitely one of the most special! Taking a boat out onto the Seven Seas Lagoon is magical in itself, but when it’s just you, your loved one, a ton of stars above and the fireworks in front of you (and a skipper too), the fireworks get just that much better. With the music being streamed and a select few boats huddled in the middle of the lake right in front of Main Street Station, is there really any better way to watch this show?

Watch A Movie Under The Stars
Have you ever wanted to cuddle up underneath the stars with your honey, but in the middle of the Happiest Place on Earth? Well, now you can! One of our favorite date nights is heading to a Disney resort and catching a favorite flick! We like to bring a picnic blanket, a few pillows and lots of snacks! This free activity is open to all guests and boasts such a fun experience that is so unique to each resort! So movie-loving couples, grab a blanket and a snack and snuggle up with your loved one for an always memorable date night!

Tomorrowland Transit Authority
The Tomorrowland Transit Authority is our favorite ride to snuggle up in and just take in the scenery. During this ride, you have gorgeous views of the castle, a “private” birds-eye tour of Tomorrowland’s attractions, throw in some people-watching and all while having a little car to yourselves. Sounds pretty fun to us!

Dinner and Dessert Dates
For the couple that loves to eat, our favorite dinner combo will always be Ohana at the Polynesian Resort and finishing it off with a few S’mores over at the Wilderness Lodge. Dinner at Ohana will always be a favorite, because of the fun, romantic atmosphere, the live music and, of course, the family style dinner that is served (have we mentioned how good the food is?!). And if you time it right, the view of the nightly fireworks are incredible. After this meal, we love to wander on over to Disney’s Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at the Wilderness Lodge and indulge in some good old-fashioned S’mores. There’s always something about sitting around a crackling fire with a loved one eating as many S’mores as you can (but that also may just be the sugar talking too)!

Lazy River
If you’re a couple that enjoys relaxing over adventure, this one is for you! If you are one of those couples who enjoy a little relaxation here and there, so naturally, the lazy river is definitely one of our favorite attractions out at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon! While catching a tan, you can float in one of the double rafts, hand-in-hand and watch the world go by. It takes about twenty minutes to circle around the whole park, so a few rounds of that and relaxation is in full force!

Horse-Drawn Carriage
Now, this next one is a must for classic couples near and far: a carriage ride! Any carriage ride can be so romantic, but strolling down Main Street USA in a horse-drawn carriage that looks like it was pulled right out of a movie is so charming! If you’re lucky enough to snag a ride, this quick, but worth-it experience gives you just the right amount of time to take in the views, take a few selfies, and feel like you’re front and center in one of Disney’s very own fairytales!

In the end, date nights can be hectic, but with a little help from a certain mouse and just a smidge of pixie dust, the best things to do as a couple will just fall into your lap while wandering in Walt Disney World. Whether it’s eating at resort restaurants, or maybe some thrill rides, relaxing and dancing too, the most magical place on Earth truly has something that you both can do!