SeaWorld Orlando offers fascinating shows, amazing animal encounters and some of the greatest thrill rides in the world. However, in between these incredible experiences there are a few lesser-known attractions worth checking out. From cute shows and animal exhibits, to rides that aren't on most guests' radar, here are the top 5 underrated attractions at SeaWorld Orlando.

Pacific Point Preserve
Tucked away between Antarctica and the Clyde and Seamore Show, Pacific Point Preserve is home to the California sea lions and harbor seals. It's a lot of fun to watch these flippered friends swim and play in their rock-filled lagoon. You can learn about these, and other pinnipeds, from the animal trainers that help care for them. And you may even have the opportunity to feed them yourself! With some barks and a flipper wave, you too will fall in love with these fun-loving, whiskered animals.

Pet's Ahoy
The outdoor shows get most of the attention at SeaWorld Orlando, but the indoor Pet's Ahoy show offers a fun experience for all ages—and a chance to relax inside for a bit. With entertaining pet tricks, adorable animals and some silly hijinks, this show is a great option for the younger members in your group—or anyone that loves animals. With a stage filled with talented rescued dogs and cats, ducks and doves, and even potbellied pigs, it's a fun variety show that's definitely worth a look.

Manta Aquarium
While guests riding the Manta roller coaster may be treated to wonderful views of the incredible aquariums throughout the queue, many families are unaware that there is actually a special viewing area you can explore without riding the ride. Located to the left of the coaster's entrance, the Manta Aquarium is one of the most beautiful animal exhibits in the park. With 10 tanks featuring more than 3,000 marine animals including large rays that swim overhead, strange-looking sea dragons, colorful clownfish and blue tangs, and a giant Pacific octopus, it's one of the greatest spots to take in the wonders of the sea.

Paddle Boats
The little-known paddle boats offer a fun and relaxing leisurely escape where you can enjoy the scenic views of the park's central lake. Shaped like big pink flamingos, these paddle boats are great for both adults and children. And while children must be at least 56 inches or taller to ride alone, there is no height requirement when riding with an adult, so it's the perfect ride for your little ones! While there is an additional fee of $6 per person for this special attraction, it's well worth it for the extra special memories you'll create.

Turtle Trek
Located off the beaten path on the far-left side of the park, Turtle Trek is a continuous projected show that teaches you about the conservation of sea turtles. On your way into the program you'll be able to see live sea turtles swimming from a unique underwater viewing area. The movie itself is presented in 360 degrees, projected onto a special dome-shaped theater screen, so the action happens all around you. After the show, don't miss the manatee habitat nearby with several of these large and majestic creatures.

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