There are not many places you’ll let your kids run amok, but at Universal’s Volcano Bay they are free to run, jump, splash and play in the kid’s area appropriately named Runamukka Reef! 

The back story of Runamukka Reef is that it was once an exotic underwater coral reef before being exposed. Now, it’s a favorite place for young Waturi children to play. And play they do on the area’s many geysers, water guns, slides and dump cups.  

There are a total of four colored slides to slip and speed down at Runamukka Reef including the green, orange, blue and purple. The racer slides offer the biggest splashes in the play area.  

In addition to the slides, the area is home to geysers at just about every turn. The kids will have a blast jumping on the bubbling waters and betting on when they will explode into the air. The water guns are also a hit, quite literally! Surrounding all of these fun elements is a continuation of Volcano Bay’s island theme.

 Runamukka Reef at Universal’s Volcano Bay

The area is pretty fun for adults too. Shaded by bamboo sea creatures and seaweed, it makes it the perfect spot to take a break from the adult rides and fun of Volcano Bay, and let the kids be kids.  

Runamukka Reef is one of two reefs designed for kids. The other, Tot Tiki Reef, is enjoyed by the park’s smallest swimmers with short slides and sprinklers. Kids can also control a collection of whales, raising and lowering their hands in order to make the animals sing and spray water. Both areas are for children under 48”/122 cm tall.  

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