It’s summertime, which means it’s time to enjoy some beachy relaxation and splashy fun at Universal Orlando’s water park Volcano Bay. The newest Orlando water park is unlike any you’ve ever experienced, and it all starts with the wearable technology - the TapuTapu. Here’s more about the device and five easy steps on how to use:

Getting to Know Your TapuTapu
TapuTpau is a wearable device that holds your place in line, activates interactive surprises, lets you pay for food and souvenirs and more. It really makes your Volcano Bay experience, so we suggest you get one.

Get in Virtual Line
Perhaps the best thing about the TapuTapu is that you can use it to get in line at your favorite ride, without actually waiting in line. Head to the attraction you want to experience and just tap in at a TapuTapu station. There, now you are in the virtual line. Go ahead and enjoy some of the park’s other attractions or relax while you wait. Your TapuTapu will count down until it is time for you to return to the ride.

Enjoy the Rest of the Park While You Wait in Virtual Line
While you wait for your ride enjoy some of Volcano Bay’s other fun. Grab a bite to eat or drink, ride other attractions the don’t have a wait time or just relax in the sand on Waturi Beach. The Virtual Line is changing the way you wait, and that means no waiting at all.

Look for “Ride Now”
You can only have one ride counting down on your TapuTapu at a time, BUT you are free to ride any attraction whose sign reads “RIDE NOW.” So basically, you can ride a ride while you wait to ride a ride!

Cashless Purchases
Aside from keeping your place in line, the TapuTapu can also be used to make cashless purchases at Volcano Bay. Just set up an account on the Official Universal Orlando Resort App and you can “TapTu Pay” for food, drinks and merchandise.