Winter blues have you down? Then it’s time to start thinking ahead to warmer weather and thrilling adventures with a weekend to SeaWorld Orlando. Whether you plan to go this weekend or book something in a few months, here are the top events, shows and rides to experience on your next weekend getaway:

Seven Seas Food Festival
For a weekend escape right now, SeaWorld Orlando invites you to explore foods from around the world during its Seven Seas Food Festival. Now through May 5, sink your teeth into international street food traditions, local craft beers, and live performances from top artists. You can easily spend the weekend tasting, drinking and singing your way through this fun festival.

Inside Look
Animals always have a calming effect and if you need a weekend to relax head to SeaWorld Orlando during Inside Look May 11-19. This behind-the-scenes event will give you an up-close look at the day-to-day care of SeaWorld’s animals and the life-saving operations of the Rescue Team.

Animal Shows
Speaking of animals, you could spend an entire weekend just taking in one of SeaWorld Orlando’s many animal shows. From Dolphin Days, where you get to watch Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins show off their tricks to Sea Lion High: The New Class with the dynamic duo Clyde and Seamore and their other fun-loving animal friends, there are plenty of ways to get your sea creature fix.

Thrill Rides
If you need a thrill or two to jumpstart your week, SeaWorld Orlando can help with such thrill rides as Mako, Kraken, Manta, Journey to Atlantis and more. You won’t be able to take the giant grin off your face as you go from one scream-inducing ride to the next.

Electric Ocean
To brighten up your long winter nights put SeaWorld’s summertime event, Electric Ocean on your calendar. This special nighttime event includes glowing sea creatures, DJs, fireworks displays and more all under the night sky. Electric Ocean runs May 24 - September 1.