So, you’ve spent months planning, saving and prepping for your trip to Walt Disney World. It’s finally here and your child is having a meltdown. What to do? Luckily, we’ve all been there so we’ve rounded up our top tips for when your kids are acting up at the Orlando theme park:

Take a Snack Break
Sometimes a temper tantrum is the result of low blood sugar. If that’s the case head to the nearest Disney restaurant and/or pull out one of the snacks you brought from home (you can totally bring in food at Walt Disney World). Let them sit on a bench for a few minutes and refuel.

Head Back to the Hotel
If you sense your child is overwhelmed/ tired and taking a break in the park won’t help, try heading back to your hotel. If you’re staying on-site this is the perfect time to let your child take a nap/rest. When they are recharged you can head back to the park for a fun-filled and well-behaved afternoon.

Take a Break
If you know that your child is well fueled and not tired it is likely time to step away from the rides, shows and attractions and get a hold of their behavior. Find a bench, piece of lawn or table to sit at until the child can calm down. This is the perfect time to talk to your child and figure out what’s going on. Sometimes they don’t know until they are asked.

Find an Oasis
Sometimes kids just need to blow off some steam. If you sense the tantrum coming on is because they have been waiting in lines, at restaurants, etc. and not burning off any energy, head to a place like Tom Sawyer’s Island at Magic Kingdom and let them play for 30 minutes.

Divide and Conquer
Trying to fit in everybody’s needs/wants on a Walt Disney World trip can be overwhelming, especially for the kids. When a meltdown comes on consider splitting up and having one parent take one or two kids at a time. This will offer a little more one-on-one time as you explore the Disney parks.