It’s one thing to travel around the World Showcase at Walt Disney World and visit eleven different countries through food, shopping, and architecture, but what used to bring that extra level of magic for guests was the Cultural Representatives from each country. These special Cast Members brought even more authenticity to the eleven countries represented in the World Showcase through their unique cultures and customs. 

Cultural Representatives
These Cultural Representatives have been a part of EPCOT’s World Showcase for four decades now; from day one in 1982! With this special part of World Showcase’s charm missing for almost two years, it’s exciting to see these Cast Members infused back into the park. With the start of EPCOT’s 40th Celebration kicking off recently, there’s no better time to explore the World Showcase and get to know the many Culture Representatives of EPCOT. 

It’s unique programs like these that make Disney Parks and most importantly EPCOT the truly one-of-a-kind park that it is. We think it’s safe to say that these Cultural Representatives have been missed around EPCOT! If you call one of EPCOT’s eleven World Showcase countries home and you’re ready to create lifelong memories as a part of a Disney International Program, head to to learn more about potential opportunities.