It’s been a “sea” sational year for SeaWorld Orlando as the Orlando theme park introduced two new attractions to its park and sister park Discovery Cove. Guests to both parks can now swim with sea turtles on the new attraction TurtleTrek and enjoy wading adventures with marmosets and otters at the tropical Freshwater Oasis, plus there is even more sea ventures to come in 2013!

TurtleTrek, which opened at SeaWorld Orlando in the spring of this year stays true to SeaWorld’s unique blend of animal encounters and state-of-the-art entertainment with two naturalistic habitats, one of which is filled with fresh water fish and manatee the other with more than 1,500 saltwater fish and more than a dozen sea turtles. And that’s just the beginning of Turtle Trek’s fun. The attraction also features a first of its kind 3D/360-degree dome theater film.

The dome creates an incredibly realistic 3D experience with a giant screen that surrounds the audience for a completely immersive adventure that showcases a sea turtle’s incredible journey. And for the first time, the audience is given a turtle’s eye-view to take in the ocean’s beauty.

The end of the journey offers a call-to-action, asking all SeaWorld fans to join SeaWorld in conserving the world we share.

Meanwhile in the spring of this year, SeaWorld Orlando’s sister park Discovery Cove was also introducing a brand new interactive animal experience, Freshwater Oasis. The all-new attraction features swimming and wading with playful otters and curious marmosets in an exotic environment.

Designed to look and feel like a rainforest with gorgeous canopies above and sparkling clear springs below, Freshwater Oasis is a perfect fit within Discovery Cove’s tropical atmosphere. Guests can float along the water, wading past the lush habitat of the Asian otter and watch as the playful animals play around you. As you swim further into the center of Freshwater Oasis, you’ll come across Marmoset Island where you’ll be able to get an up-close-and personal look at the fun-loving monkeys.

Freshwater Oasis guests can watch the marmosets from the water and from land as there is a wall with a separate moat that lets you walk right onto the island. Once on the island, keep your eye on the trees above as the marmosets like to find refuge from splashing guests.

The “sea” sational fun doesn’t end when 2012 does. In 2013, SeaWorld Orlando will welcome the biggest-ever attraction expansion in the park’s history – Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin. Guests will travel to the bottom of the world, to the coldest continent where the ice is more than 9,000 feet thick and experience the perilous journey of the penguin. Stay tuned for more details on Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin.

In the meantime have a Merry Christmas and make sure you explore SeaWorld Orlando and Discovery Cove’s newest attractions!

Orlando, FL – 12/24/12