Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

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Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

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Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show
Everyone coming to Central Florida has a similar packing list – shorts, T-shirts, flip-flops and sunscreen! However, you will also want to pack your investigative skills – and a hearty appetite – because you are invited to join in on the mysteries of Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show!

Performing nightly, Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show offers a great nighttime entertainment and dining option. Every night one of up to 15 different 2.5-hour scripted mysteries are performed, and you become the detective! The mystery starts the minute you arrive, as the characters begin wandering around the room the second you are seated. Beware, though, there may be plants in the crowd too disguised as audience members! Begin to look for cues right away, as the story begins to unfold soon after everyone arrives.

Audience participation is key for Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show, and not only will people from the audience be pulled onto the stage to be a part of the show, guests also have the opportunity to ask questions and be an active participant in trying to solve the crime. Everyone in the show will have a motive, and it’s up to you to figure out who did it.

Your mind will be at work for the entire night, but your stomach will be as well! Light appetizers are served as a courtesy (including a cheese/fruit plate and bite-size wraps, just be sure to attack early) before the show, and a cash bar is open when guests arrive. When you sit down at your table, a waitress/waiter will take your drink order, with everything included, including some alcohol, bread and a small salad are waiting for you. When you book the show, you have the choice of three entrees: prime rib, which is an extra charge, lasagna with or without meatballs and honey-glazed cornish hen. A choice of three desserts is also given, with the options changing nightly.

After dinner, each table is allowed to confer with one another and come up with one question as a unit to ask to the cast. It is only then that the actors go through their stories, one by one, until the real murderer is revealed!

Since 1980, Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show has been providing quality nighttime family-entertainment for Orlando visitors. Everyone who guesses right gets to go home with a small prize, and everyone in the crowd gets to go home with a lot of laughter, a full stomach and a plethora of memories for a night well spent.

Please note that your reservation and seats are NOT GUARANTEED until you call and speak to the reservationist at the number located on your voucher confirming your reservation and meal selections.


Best Known For: 
13 unique mystery stories and plots to dine, investigate, and play along with! 

Show Length: 2-1/2 hours of scripted mystery 

Show Schedule: 
7:30 PM 

INSTRUCTIONS: After completing your order, please call the number located on your voucher to confirm the date and time you have selected, and to order your meal for the show. VOUCHER MUST BE PRINTED PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. 

Sleuth's Mystery Dinner
8267 International Drive
Orlando, Florida 32819
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