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Arabian Nights dinner show brings the elegance of horses to the forefront in an Orlando show that seizes every opportunity to amaze the family with daring horse rides and acrobatics. With over 50 exotic horses, discover the magic and romance that’s part of the newest show at Arabian Nights, The Royal Celebration with tickets at After a long rivalry between two tribes, a romance that grew out of the mutual love for Arabian horses has brought unity and peace to their people. Now you can join the merriment at the Royal wedding celebration of Prince Raswan and Princess Amirah and behold the magic and adventure the night brings these two lovebirds. Witness the magical unicorns and the gracefulness of the Black Arabian Stallion in an Orlando show that celebrates horses from around the world. History and culture collide in a royal show that will take audiences around the globe and feature incredible feats like a chariot race, aerial acts, a hoop of flames, a graceful Garrocha dance, and more.

You’ll also join the feast with delicious dinner choices like Chicken Marinara, Pot Roast, Chicken Alfredo, Pulled Pork, and Chicken Tenders, along with the desert fit for royalty. Unlimited soda is also included with your meal. Don’t forget to arrive early for the pre-show and the complimentary appetizer buffet. And if you stick around after the end of the show, you’ll be able to see the horses gallop around the arena freely and the performers on horseback come up to the side rails for photos.

VIP Tickets

But if you’re interested in the best way to experience Arabian Nights, the VIP admission ticket includes a chance to tour behind the scenes at Arabian Nights before the show and meet the star horses of the show as you tour the stables.  You’ll be able to take photos with the performers and horses, plus kids have the chance to mount a house for a unique experience. Also included is seating in the first three rows, so you can have the best seats in the house. has the best deals to be entranced by the beautiful Arabian, Quarter, Belgian, and Andalusian horses in the new show Arabian Nights show, The Royal Celebration.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: On 12/30/13, Arabian Nights will hold their last performance. Arabian Nights Dinner Attraction will close its doors at the end of 2013. Tickets will NOT be valid in 2014.

Arabian Nights