Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has announced a massive new thrill ride for 2020. Iron Gwazi will become North America's tallest hybrid roller coaster, as well as the fastest and steepest hybrid coaster in the world.

Hybrid roller coasters combine the best parts of a classic wooden coaster with the speed, agility and special ride elements available to steel coasters. This new attraction will actually utilize some of the existing sections from the original Gwazi roller coaster, which opened at the park back in 1999, but closed in recent years. Combining the bones of the original ride, along with new steel elements, provided by Rocky Mountain Construction, Iron Gwazi will evolve into a completely new experience.

Iron Gwazi will be 206 feet tall, the tallest coaster of its kind in North America. It will feature a spectacular 91 degree drop. And it will reach speeds of up to 76 miles per hour, making it the fastest hybrid coaster in the world. For all you coaster enthusiasts, it will feature 12 airtime moments, along with three inversions, while you speed along more than 4,000 feet of track!

This new attraction draws its inspiration from the crocodile, the largest living reptile. Some of the coaster maneuvers were even inspired by this predator that has ruled for millions of years, including a thrilling dive roll that will have us spinning like a crocodile that has captured its prey.

With a 48-inch height requirement, Iron Gwazi will be one of the most family friendly thrill rides at the park. Families will be able to enjoy the ride together and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Along with the new roller coaster, Tampa Bay's Adventure Island water park will also be receiving a new water slide in 2020. "Solar Vortex" will be America’s first dual-tailspin water slide and will take riders up to 20 miles per hour through a swirling journey featuring unique lighting effects provided by the sun's rays.

Both Iron Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, and Solar Vortex at Adventure Island, are scheduled to open in the spring of 2020. Stay tuned for more information on these exciting new additions and be sure to get your discounted park tickets here for the best deals around!