Packing for a trip to Walt Disney World can be quite overwhelming. With trying to manage how much to bring along with what to bring, some important things just fall by the wayside. We know your trip is important and we want you to get the most out of each and every second you’re there, which is why we’ve put together a list of the top 5 most forgotten things to pack for your Disney vacation. From sunscreen to headache medicine, you’ll want to be sure these are in your bag when you hit the road:

Sunscreen - Florida is the Sunshine State so we recommend always packing sunscreen for your Disney adventures. Regardless of when you go, we recommend always applying AND bringing sunscreen with you into the park. Getting a sunburn can put such a damper on a vacation. Bonus tip: Use a sunscreen lotion instead of a spray. They are easier to apply while in a crowd. 

Portable Phone Charger - You use your phone A LOT at Walt Disney World. In fact it is your life line. From seeing showtimes and booking rides to using it as your wallet to buy food or merchandise and taking pictures, your phone is an essential part of your time at Disney. Which is why it needs to be charged up at all times.  An external battery charger for your phone should be at the top of your Disney packing list.

Pain Medicine - Just like during any vacation, sometimes you or somebody in your party gets a headache or is sore from all of the walking around. It’s best to have some medicine on hand so you can save the $6 you will be charged in the park for a single-use pack of two. Plus, you won’t have to stop your day and find a place that sells it.

Comfortable Shoes - Speaking of walking, you’ll be doing quite a bit of that throughout a Disney World vacation. Make sure you bring a shoe that you have already broken in and know that it won’t give you blisters or cause irritation from all of the movement. Don’t let hurt feet stop you from all of the magic.

Poncho - While Florida can have some gorgeous, sunny weather (as we spoke about earlier), it can also downpour in the blink of an eye. To avoid getting stuck in a Florida shower, bring a poncho to the park. With a poncho if the rain does hit, you won’t miss a minute of the fun. It’s also best to check the weather and radar every day of your stay before heading to the park.