The Seven Seas Food Festival allows guests visiting SeaWorld Orlando every Friday through Sunday, now through May 5th, to enjoy unique foods and distinct beverages inspired by flavors around the world. Chef Héctor Colón and his culinary masters have been busy creating more than 60 different mouthwatering dishes for this year's event, most of which are all new for 2019! In addition to foods spotlighting flavors from around the world, the event also offers a wide array of wine, specialty cocktails and craft brews. With so many options to choose from, here are our top 10 most anticipated dishes.

Buffalo Meatloaf Slider from All-American Market
Feeling a little adventurous and want to try something new? The Buffalo Meatloaf Slider tames the wild bison by turning it into a meatloaf, then cutting it down to size in this hand-held slider topped with arugula, smoked bacon and pimento cheese. The All-American Market booth also offers an all-new Cinnamon Donut Bread Pudding topped with caramel sauce.

New Orleans Crawfish Boil from Gulf Coast Market
The Gulf Coast Market is serving up a variety of dishes that would make New Orleans proud, including an old-fashioned Jambalaya with andouille sausage and chicken, a festival-sized Shrimp Po Boy, and the New Orleans Crawfish Boil. Your own little pot of heaven, it's filled with a heaping helping of Cajun seasoned crawfish, plus corn on the cob and potatoes.

Melanzane Alla Milanese from Italian Market
It's everything Italian from this market, from Lasagna to Cannolis. The new Melanzane Alla Milanese is a plate of grilled eggplant topped with thin slices of Prosciutto and served with fresh buffalo mozzarella. For something a little lighter, try the Caprese Salad, drizzled with a balsamic reduction and olive oil. Delizioso!

Acaraje from Brazilian Market
Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Plantains, Brazilian Picanha Steak and Acaraje are the Brazilian Market's new offerings for 2019. Acaraje is a traditional dish made with peeled black-eyed peas formed into a ball and deep-fried. The Acaraje fritters feature shrimp from this booth. You can also get the Mousse De Maracuja for dessert here, a passion fruit mousse.

Curry Goat Stew from Jamaican Market
If you've never tried goat before, this dish may be an easy way to sample it without committing to ordering a whole meal from a restaurant. The flavors are light, and the curry is served over a Caribbean coconut rice. The Jamaican Market also offers Jamaican Beef Patties and a fresh cold Conch Salad.

Spam Musubi from Polynesian Market
At first glance you may mistake the Spam Musubi from the Polynesian Market as a giant piece of sushi. That's because it is a block of white rice, topped with a slice of grilled Spam, wrapped together with nori. Don't knock it till you try it, as it is much better than you might think!

Impossible Meat Slider from Vegan Market
This year will see the addition of an all new Vegan Market, and top of the list of things to try here is the Impossible Meat Slider. Even if you're not vegan, you may want to give this one a try. It's topped with caramelized balsamic onions, jalapeno ketchup and arugula, and served on a mini pretzel bun.

Key Lime Pie Fritters from Florida Market
Desserts are a big part of the Seven Seas Food Festival, with nearly all of this year's booths offering at least one. A new standout to look out for this year is the Key Lime Pie Fritters from Florida Market. These fried fritters pack a key lime flavor punch, and are topped with mango whipped cream.

Donut Ice Cream Sandwich from Sweets Market
The Sweets Market is all about donuts this year! You can grab a bunch of Loaded Mini Donut Bites topped with chocolate, caramel, whipped Cream, nuts and a cherry, a Baker's Dozen of Cinnamon and Sugar Mini Donuts, or the new Donut Ice Cream Sandwich. This cinnamon dusted donut is sliced in half and stuffed with vanilla ice cream and rolled in your favorite toppings like chocolate chips, M&Ms and more.

Frozen German Chocolate Cake from German Market
Technically this one is a drink, but it could also be considered an alcoholic dessert. The Frozen German Chocolate Cake is made with chocolate and caramel flavored vodka, coconut rum, coconut and chocolate almond milk. Now you can have your dessert on the go, and drink it too!

The Seven Seas Food Festival runs from February 9th to May 5th in 2019. Food and beverage locations serve every Friday through Sunday. In addition to the special Asian, Latin, European, Polynesian and North Atlantic dishes and drinks available throughout the park, guests can also experience free live concerts every weekend.