This summer at Walt Disney World is all about The Lion King! With The Lion King just celebrating its 25th anniversary and the new live action movie on the horizon, Walt Disney World is celebrating all things Lion King and we couldn't be more excited! So, what can you look forward to during The Lion King Celebration? Special meals, treats and new entertainment overlays!

Lion King Dining Experience at Jiko
In addition to their regular menu, Jiko will now be offering a limited time Lion King Dining experience. Complete with a full prix fixe menu and live music from the movie, if your palate is as adventurous as The Lion King itself, then you'll want to head over and check out this new menu before it goes away!

Protect the Pride Campaign at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Disney has already donated more than $1.5 million to the Lion Recovery Fund through Wild Conservation Network. They invite Lion King fans to donate towards this cause and will double the donation up to $3 million. In addition, fans can help simply by riding Kilimanjaro Safaris during opening week of The Lion King and Disney will in turn donate $2 for each guests who rides the attraction. Who knew supporting conservation could be so fun?

Lion King Popcorn Bucket at Disney's Animal Kingdom 
If you're a collector of Disney popcorn buckets, then you can truly appreciate the hype when a new one is released. Just in time for The Lion King Celebration, Disney has released a Lion King Drum popcorn bucket! Designed to look like real wood with Simba etched into it, this popcorn bucket is sure to be hit around the Parks. Find it at The Feeding Ground or Mihindi at Animal Kingdom. 

Lion King Photo Wall 
Who doesn't love a good Instagram Wall?! And this one is perfect for summer. A brightly painted scene straight from the savannah, this wall can be found near Tiffins and is the perfect wall to grace your Instagram feed this summer. 

Bugs and Grubs Waffle Cone in Disney's Animal Kingdom
Found at Anandapur Ice Cream Truck and Trilo-Bites, this specialty cone features chocolate soft serve, topped with "dirt", gummy worms and a chocolate bug. Served in a green waffle cone, this ice cream makes for an adorable pic- if you can get one before the Florida heat melts it that is!

Asante Slush at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Looking for something to keep you cool during those hot Florida days? Look no further than the Asante Slush from Harambe Market! Shave Ice with watermelon and mango-passionfruit syrups is sure to keep you cool and refreshed this summer!

New Lion King Treats throughout Animal Kingdom
We could go on and on about the food offerings available for The Lion King Celebration! There are so many to choose from, so whether you're looking for a cupcake, special cookie, or themed cocktail, Animal Kingdom has you covered. With all themed treats, Disney is constantly bringing new and creative takes on fun snacks, so be sure to keep an eye out for all the fun treats this summer. 

Add a "wild' touch to your latte with Joffrey's Coffee and Tea
To help celebrate all things Lion King, Joffrey's has even joined in. Check out Joffrey's locations throughout Animal Kingdom for fun Lion King latte art to bring your latte up a level. 

New Lion King Treats at The Mara 
In addition to all of The Lion King Treats you can find around Animal Kingdom right now, you can also head over to Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House to find even more Lion King themed treats! Choose from a special éclair or Lion King Kudu cookie and stay on the lookout for more fun treats that may pop in when you're not expecting it!

Tree of Life Awakening Overlay
Newly introduced to the Tree of Life Awakenings is a segment from Simba's Journey that includes images and music from The Lion King. This show is offered throughout the night and is definitely worth stopping for a few minutes to catch the nostalgic update!

As you can see, Lion King Fans are in for a real treat this summer! So be sure to head over to Disney's Animal Kingdom to join the celebration and have a wild time!