The perfect cosplay for couples looking for a rootin’ tootin’ good run!

 Buzz and Woody were a favorite this year.

Even The Little Mermaid, Ariel, had legs to run the Goofy Challenge with Flounder.

Minnies were abounding. 

Snow White with who do you think? Let us know!

Minnie Mouse does like her polka dots.

Tigger, Piglet, and Pooh… oh dear!

You got a Friend in Me with Buzz and Woody.

This runner doesn’t Sweat he sparkles, as his shirt implies.

Elsa The Snow Queen from Frozen – Apparently running 13.1 miles never bothered her anyways.

This group bought Peter Pan to life at Disney’s Half Marathon.

Donald Duck and Tutus a plenty

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell ready before the race.

Alice in Wonderland and The Queen of Hearts ready to start their Goofy Challenge

I caught up with them later in Magic Kingdom by the Sleeping Beauty Meet and Greet. And there seems to be a runner proposing to Princess Aurora in the background.

Friends don’t let friends run as Minnie Mouse alone.

Everyone we saw at the Marathon was running like a beast.

I was trying to see how many runners were dressed as Minnie Mouse.

The Mad Hatter ran the Dopey Challenge…. Of course!

Every princess needs their tiara.

Running the Dopey in formal attire, I love the addition of the Grape Soda pin – The Ellie Badge from UP.

There’s 101 ways I’d like to finish a race and being a Dalmatian is one of them.


These reindeer run for wine, probably will be back for The Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon in November.


They sure passed me… all I saw of them in the race was their tails.

I loved this Fozzy Bear costume!

For these Minnies, even their shoes have bows!

Iron Man and Captain America on the run

Thor isn’t too far behind.

Buzz and an Incredible are waiting for the start of the race early Saturday morning.

Spider-Man will swing into a Dopey Challenge!

Alice in Wonderland costumes aren’t more festive than this Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts.

Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse run it together!

Snow White just before the start.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse… classic

Captain America with none other than Tinker Bell.

Donald Ducks a plenty!

Only at Disney’s Marathon Weekend will you catch Jafar smiling!

Dribbling two basketballs, Doctor Dribble smiles for a photo.

Mr. Incredible starts his trek!

Santa Claus has some time off before next year’s big day.

Cinderella Castle Photo Op For everyone.

 Lumière wants a photo with Sleeping Beauty, so does Gaston in the background.

Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate’s Life around Mile 8

Sully poses at the Mile 6 Marker.

Two Dopeys running the Dopey Challenge at the tail end of the Half Marathon.

This man’s stash gave me strength.

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Orlando, FL - 01/14/14

Photos by: Alex Mateo