If you’ve visited the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, we bet you have walked right past the mailboxes located up and down Main Street, USA without giving them a second glance. BUT, these are in fact fully functional United States Postal Service mailboxes, and you can drop in postcards, letters and cards to family and friends at home to let them know you “Wish they were here!” from the most magical place on earth.

Sending mail from these boxes works the same as sending mail from your local post office at home: to drop in a letter and expect it to reach its addressed destination, you have to have postage already applied. If you forgot to pack stamps in your park bag, though, you’re in luck. Not only can you purchase postcards in the park, but if you visit the Newsstand gift shop, located to the left of the Main Street Train Station before you enter the park, they have stamps for sale as well! Another cool touch available at the Newsstand is the special Main Street, USA Magic Kingdom stamp they have available for you to stamp on your postcards or envelopes, adding just a little bit of extra pixie dust to your magical message.

You can find four mailboxes in the Main Street area, one right next to the Newsstand, one in front of City Hall, one outside of Town Square Theater, and one towards the end of Main Street by the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor.

P.S. We’ve already been working on our Christmas list, and to make sure that our letter stood out to Santa, we mailed ours from Magic Kingdom earlier this week. If you want to mail yours to Santa from Magic Kingdom (and get a response in return!), Santa’s address (according to USPS) is:

ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

Make sure you get your letters posted in time. Merry Christmas!