Epcot is a Walt Disney World theme park that is one of a kind. From traveling through 11 different countries in one day to exploring the many wonders of Future World, there’s a lot to see and do around Walt Disney World’s second theme park. The excitement continues even after the sun goes down, thanks to a few unique activities you can experience after dark!

Future World
The innovative side of Epcot is even more spectacular at night. As night falls, Spaceship Earth illuminates, and the sidewalks of Future World begin to sparkle. Be sure to look down as you walk around so you don’t miss this extra nightly magic.

Evening Concerts
Epcot is known for its many festivals, and one major part of these events are the concerts. Eat to the Beat takes place during Food and Wine Festival, and Garden Rocks takes place during Flower and Garden Festival. The holiday season is when Epcot hosts the Candlelight Processional with celebrity narrators and a 50 piece orchestra and choir. It’s fun to see additional entertainment come to life after dark.

One after-dark experience you cannot miss at Epcot is IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. For almost two decades, this nighttime spectacular has been lighting up the night sky at Walt Disney World, and starting at the end of Summer 2019 this show will be replaced with an all-new nighttime fireworks show. Be sure to stop by and take it in before it is gone for good!

Ride Experiences
Imagine how much more exciting your favorite Epcot attractions are after dark. Zoom around on Test Track’s outdoor fast lane under the stars, or experience the greenhouses of Living with the Land as the sun is setting. While most Epcot attractions take place completely indoors, these few indoor-outdoor attractions are worth exploring both during the day and at night.

At Epcot, the fun only continues once the sun goes down! So next time you’re visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth, set one night aside to explore Walt Disney World’s second theme park.