It’s still the World’s Most Magical Celebration at Walt Disney World resort, so there’s never been a better time to make the trip to Orlando! Before you go, you’ll want to make sure you select the park tickets that are right for your vacation. Today we’re sharing a complete guide to Walt Disney World’s standard ticket options!

1 Park Per Day
The most basic of Walt Disney World tickets is the “1 Park Per Day” option. This ticket entitles guests to visit one theme park per day with a valid ticket. With this ticket option you can choose to visit any of the four Walt Disney World theme parks on each day, but won’t have access to additional theme parks or other water parks and sports experiences. The 1 Park Per Day ticket may be the right choice for you if you’re planning to visit only the Walt Disney World theme parks and are staying for 4 or more parks. With vacations that are four days or longer, you’ll be able to devote an entire day to each of Walt Disney World’s four theme parks!

Water Parks and Sports
Looking to add a splash of magic you your Disney days? The Water Park and Sports option allows guests to visit one theme park per day and one additional water park or sports experience per ticket day. With this ticket you receive a certain number of visits to water parks and other Walt Disney World sports-related fun based on the number of days you buy Water Parks and Sports tickets for. We’ve already shared a complete breakdown of the offerings on Walt Disney World’s Water Parks and Sports option – When should you consider adding the Water Parks & Sports option to your Disney ticket?

Park Hopper
Is your family interested in Disney fun that’s not limited to one park per day? If so, the Park Hopper option may be the way for your family to go! With Walt Disney World’s Park Hopper option, you can visit multiple theme parks within one day on your theme park ticket. Whether you visit 2, 3, or all 4 theme parks in one day is up to you! Just remember, Walt Disney World’s Park Hopping doesn’t kick in for the day until 2 PM. If you’re curious about how Park Hopping Works at Walt Disney World, feel free to review our Disney World Park Hopping Guide here!

Park Hopper Plus
The ticket option that truly gives you access to everything that Walt Disney World has to offer is the Park Hopper Plus option. With Park Hopper Plus you’ll have the perks of Park Hopping each day and a certain number of visits to a water park, miniature golf, or other Walt Disney World sports-related fun. If you know that your party is interested in living each of their Disney days to the fullest, the Park Hopper Plus option will be perfect for you.

As you can see, Walt Disney World has ticket accommodations with every type of vacation in mind! Whether you’re planning to stick to the theme parks or curious to venture out a bit further into Walt Disney World resort, there’s a ticket package that will make this Disney vacation one that you’ll never forget.