They say a picture’s worth 1000 words, but a photo on your Disney vacation is a memory that’s worth so much more! Disney’s Memory Maker program is a great way to capture all of those memories you make during your trip to Walt Disney World. By paying one price, you’ll gain access to all PhotoPass photos you’ve taken with Disney while on your vacation. While post think of the famous Magic Shots or character photos, did you know that Disney’s Memory Maker also includes on-ride photos as well?

Several Walt Disney World attractions feature on-ride photos that help you to capture the magic of those experiences. Get ready to strike a pose! Here’s a list of every Disney World attraction that features a ride photo.

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin (Magic Kingdom)
Whether you rank Space Cadet or Galactic Hero, you’ll be excited to see your on-ride photo from Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin! In the final room of the attraction as you try to defeat Zurg one last time, Disney snaps your picture. This shot could be the perfect way to remember your trip to Infinity and Beyond!

DINOSAUR (Disney’s Animal Kingdom)
That’s definitely not our dino! As you travel back in time to the Cretaceous Period, things will get pretty intense. As you encounter your final dino, pose for the camera! It’s always fun to look through all the reactions in your vehicle in this on-ride photo.

Expedition Everest (Disney’s Animal Kingdom)
Take a ride on the wild side, and you might just meet the yeti of the Forbidden Mountain. After finding a broken train track and traveling backwards into the mountain, get ready to drop into your on-ride photo.

Frozen Ever After (Epcot)
Visit Elsa, Anna and Olaf on an enchanting boat ride through Arendelle! Marshmallow surprises us at the end by sending us over the falls and right into our on-ride photo. Warning: You WILL get wet!

Pirates of the Caribbean (Magic Kingdom)
Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life For Me! If you blink, you just might miss the photo spot on this classic Disney attraction. Hint: If you know where the big drop is, look to the left at the talking skull right before. 

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
There’s no time to waste, the concert is about to start. As you zoom from 0 to 60 MPH in 2.8 seconds in your super stretch limo, smile big for the flashing lights! Your on-ride photo happens right at the beginning and you’re going to want to see how it came out.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (Magic Kingdom)
Heigh Ho! The on-ride photo experience for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is one-of-a-kind. Instead of being able to view your photo on screens right after you exit, your photo is automatically added to your My Disney Experience account for you to view later! There’s also a fun video featuring a small clip of you on the ride, so be sure to take a look at that as well.

Slinky Dog Dash (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
Slinky Dog Dash is the biggest ride out there right now! Since it just opened in late June of last year, you’re going to want to remember your first time on this fun new coaster. Like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, this on-ride photo will be added to your My Disney Experience account to view later.

Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom)
Right before you take off into outerspace, get ready to smile! This on-ride photo is fairly new compared to other on-ride photo experiences, so it may catch you off guard. If you’re loading onto the ride on the left side, the photo will be on your left. If you’re loading onto the right side, the photo will be on your right.

Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom)
Ready to go to your laughing place? Hop into a log and journey through Brer Rabbit’s world until your final drop into the Briar Patch. As you head down the mountain, don’t forget to smile!

Test Track (Epcot)
You’ve run your custom Chevrolet vehicle through all of the courses, and it’s time for one final test. Get ready for a fast and fun surprise, along with a pretty memorable on-ride photo shot.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
Thanks for dropping by. This attraction takes you directly to the Twilight Zone, so you won’t want to leave without a picture to remember it by. As those windows open to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, giving you a view of the entire park, be sure to smile. This is your on-ride photo, and the reactions are worth checking out after you exit the ride!

As you can see, Walt Disney World provides many opportunities to remember the magic of that parks’ attractions! Whether it’s your first time conquering an attraction, or just a silly group pose you all decided to go with, these on-ride photos are memories of your vacation that will last a lifetime. Although the Disney parks may change, the pictures you keep from your trip never will.