Epcot’s World Showcase is full of surprising facts

Walt Disney World’s second theme park Epcot is divided into two lands: Future World and World Showcase. The latter land takes guests on a journey around the globe exploring 11 unique pavilions, each inspired by a country around the world. There 1.2 miles are chock-full of global cuisine, unique experiences and culture. To celebrate this unique aspect of Epcot, we’re sharing eight outstanding facts about World Showcase.

Not for the Birds
The France Pavilion wouldn’t be complete without the Eiffel Tower. To match the scale of this pavilion, Disney’s Eiffel Tower is 103 feet tall, which is approximately 1/10 scale of the original landmark. Disney is no stranger to the art of creating illusions, so when they built this tower they were sure to make the bottom wide while keeping the top extremely narrow to look taller than it actually is. A bird landing on the structure could ruin this illusion, so Disney uses natural bird deterrents to keep the birds from perching!

Tower of Terror Views
Did you know that a Disney’s Hollywood Studios attraction can be seen from World Showcase? If you’re standing in the Mexico pavilion and look across to the Morocco pavilion, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror can be seen among the many towers in the Morocco skyline. When building the famous attraction, Imagineers realized that the tower would be seen from World Showcase. To make the attraction fit into the scenery seamlessly, the architecture for Tower of Terror was inspired by the already existing Morocco pavilion.

Imported From Pennsylvania
When it comes to Disney, no measures are to extreme to create authentic experiences for their guests. The Italy pavilion is home to Via Napoli, a table service restaurant that boasts the most authentic Italian pizza outside of Italy! So what’s their secret? Disney imports water from Pennsylvania, a state with water said to be the most similar to water in Naples, Italy.

International Gateway
Without exploring World Showcase, guests may never realize that right between the France and United Kingdom pavilions is a second entrance to Epcot. This back entrance to the park is often used by guests staying at the nearby Epcot area resorts as well as those who take the Friendship Boat from Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Epcot. So if you’re park or resort hopping, this low key park entrance may be the quickest way into all of the World Showcase fun!

Forced Perspective
The American Adventure Pavilion required a five-story building to accommodate the room needed to create attractions inside. Since architecture in the Colonial time period usually consisted of two- and three-story buildings, Imagineers used forced perspective to make the five-story building seem smaller. Walking up to the pavilion, you may not notice the grand building’s size, but if you stand below the 12-foot tall doorway, the extreme height becomes much more apparent.

Rhine River Cruise
The Germany Pavilion was originally planned to have its own boat ride attraction. The purpose of the attraction was to take guests on a ride through Germany’s heritage, but when Disney wasn’t able to secure corporate sponsorship, the ride was put on hold. Although the attraction never came to be, it is believed that part of the show building had been built out before the project was scrapped. When you reach the back of the Germany pavilion, keep an eye out for a giant mural. The show building is supposed to be located right behind it!

Neighboring Countries
As you enter World Showcase, guests can venture into either the Mexico pavilion or the Canada pavilion first. Why are these the chosen countries you may ask? Like most things within Disney, these country choices were not random, and were chosen because both Mexico and Canada are bordering countries to the United States.

Room For More
When the World Showcase originally opened, it featured nine countries with room for ten more. Since its opening only two more countries have been added, Morocco and Norway. With the recent expansion of the Norway pavilion and the future expansion of the France pavilion, two additional spots have been used. Even with all of these changes, Epcot’s World Showcase still has the room to accommodate six more countries!

Like many things at the Most Magical Place on Earth, exciting changes are on the horizon for Epcot’s World Showcase. With a new Ratatouille-inspired attraction in the works, as well as a future nighttime spectacular to replace IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, this cultural experience will only get better with age! So next time you visit World Showcase, remember these fun facts as you explore the 1.2 miles of fun.