Walt Disney World may be the happiest place on Earth, but it’s not always the coolest, and you're going to need something a little stronger than pixie dust to help counteract those summertime sun rays. A ride on Splash Mountain is a great start, but sometimes you just need to take a break in the shade and get your family some chilly treats. Here are 5 of our favorite frozen snacks found in Magic Kingdom to help you cool off this summer!

Pineapple Dole Whip & Upside Down Cake
Dole Whip is a refreshing pineapple frozen dessert that has been a staple of the Magic Kingdom's Adventureland for over 30 years. Until recently, you could only order this dairy-free soft serve by itself or as the Dole Whip float, in which it’s paired with real pineapple juice. Recently, Disney introduced a whole new way to get your Whip on: the Pineapple Upside Down Cake. This fantastic new creation features a small round cake with real pineapple chunks baked right into it, covered in a swirl of Dole Whip. Now you can have your cake – and Dole Whip – and eat it, too!

Citrus Swirl
Since you're in sunny Florida, you should visit the adorable Orange Bird at Sunshine Tree Terrace for a tangy, cool Citrus Swirl. This unique snack is a blend of frozen orange juice slush and velvety vanilla soft serve. The sweet vanilla ice cream helps to balance out the tart orange juice taste, creating a perfect flavor combination. If you're a fan of Creamsicle flavors, you have got to give this one a try. They also recently introduced an Orange Dole Whip flavor, in case you're looking for a sweeter alternative to the Citrus Swirl.

Mickey Ice Cream Bar
The classics never go out of style! This Mickey-shaped frozen treat can be found at refreshment stands in nearly all of the lands of the Magic Kingdom. It's made of a creamy vanilla ice cream covered in a thin chocolate shell. Children (and adults) of all ages love walking around the park with this simple yet yummy treat on a popsicle stick. Nothing else says "Yay, I'm at Walt Disney World!" quite like a Mickey-shaped snack. In fact, I'm pretty sure that makes it taste better

Ice Cream Churro Sandwich
Who doesn't love churros when visiting Walt Disney World? And who doesn't love ice cream? Finally, someone had the genius idea to bring these two theme park staples together in one stupendous creation: the Ice Cream Churro Sandwich. This new sensation can only be found at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Liberty Square. It's made of a heaping helping of hard-packed vanilla ice cream surrounded by two rounded churro layers on the top and bottom. What will they think of next?

Mickey's Kitchen Sink Sundae
If you're looking for the ultimate summertime treat, look no further than the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street USA. You may need to find someone to share this treat with, because it really does include, as the saying goes, “everything but the kitchen sink”: your choice of any two scoops of ice cream, topped with hot fudge, caramel or peanut butter sauce, plus whipped cream and two cherries on top. The best part? True to its name, this sundae is served in a keepsake plastic kitchen sink that's shaped like Mickey Mouse's iconic red shorts. How cute is that? This way you'll have a bowl that, whenever you eat ice cream out of it back home, will remind you of your amazing Disney World vacation!