Sake! The word just begs to be shouted with excitement, and Disney-goers sure do have a lot to be excited about. After hundreds of snaps were taken of the runaway hit Violet Lemonade, Walt Disney World decided to gift us with an adult beverage inspired by the frozen drink: the Iced Violet Lemonade Sake. This iced cocktail can be found exclusively in Epcot’s Japan in the Kabuki Café, the kiosk across from the Mitsukoshi Department Store. 

Not a fan of sake? No problem. I would still recommend giving this cocktail a try. The Iced Violet Sake is made with purple pear, lime juice and sake. Unlike traditional hot sake, this cocktail doesn’t have that alcoholic-rice bite. The fruity, slightly sour tang masks all else. I would suggest squeezing the decorative lemon wedge into the drink for an extra burst of citrus flavor. Of all the cocktails featured in Epcot’s World Showcase, this one is the most perfect refresher on a hot day.  

The color of this cocktail is stunning. It’s a vibrant magenta topped with a bright lemon slice.  I would suggest taking a stroll through the Japanese gardens behind the kiosk and snapping of picture of your drink there. The lush green landscape behind the Violet Sake is sure to provide the best aesthetic.  

Unlike the Violet Lemonade, this drink is iced rather than frozen. It’s also in a much larger cup, so you’re able to get more for your money. The Violet Sake retails at $8.50. 

Another popular drink available at the Kabuki Café is the Tokyo Sunset iced cocktail. This drink is made with coconut rum, Crème de Banana, pineapple juice and peach schnapps. However, the color of this drink doesn’t compare to the vibrancy of the Violet Sake. 

While sipping your iced sake, stick around Japan to watch the Matsuriza drummers. They perform a traditional Japanese concert on massive instruments beneath the awnings of the Pagoda. 

The best way to sip, snap, and see Japan through the eyes of Epcot is with a refreshing Violet Sake in hand.