Epcot is truly one of a kind. From Future World to World Showcase, guests can indulge themselves in so many levels of entertainment, education, and culture all within one park. One of the main attractions of Future World is Test Track sponsored by Chevrolet. Test Track gives guests a chance to be a part of the car creating experience, and then a chance to test their vehicle on the SIM track. It’s time to dive deeper into this iconic Epcot attraction, so buckle up!

Single Rider
If you’re without a FastPass+ reservation and willing to ride solo, Test Track offers guests with a Single Ride option. This is one of only three rides at the Walt Disney World resort that currently offer a Single Rider line, for those looking to ride the attraction as quickly as possible this is a great time saver!

Fastest Ride at Walt Disney World
Believe it or not, Test Track is the fastest attraction at the Walt Disney World resort. Reaching top speeds of 65 miles per hour, you’ll definitely feel windblown after embarking on this high-speed adventure! Although the ride reaches only 65 miles per hour, it was originally planned to speed up to 95 miles per hour. After some deliberation over safety concerns and the Florida speed limits, the imagineers decided to pump the brakes a little and stick with 65 miles per hour instead.

Twenty Years of Test Track
In March of this year Test Track turned twenty. Yes, this iconic Disney attraction opening last millennium in 1999! Although the updated version of the attraction premiered just seven years ago in 2012, Test Track has been sending guests on high speed adventures for two decades.  

Longest Ride in Walt Disney World
In addition to being the fastest Walt Disney World attraction, Test Track also boasts the title of longest attraction as well. The entire track of this attraction is 5,246 feet, which is just short of a mile! With all of that track, guests are able to go through several challenges to test their cars.

Rain Rain Go Away
If it’s raining or there is lightning within a five mile radius of the attraction, Test Track has to shut down. Since a decent amount of the attraction takes place outdoors, it makes sense that this safety measure is put into place. So, if it starts to sprinkle find something else to do around Future World, but hurry back once the sun comes out to play again!

Tons of Cars
Test Track is home to a lot of cars, 25 cars to be exact! Since each of those cars can hold six passengers at a time, this means Test Track can move up to 150 guests at once. With helpful tools like the Single Rider line, Test Track can keep every car full and continue to keep the lines shorter.

World of Motion
Test Track wasn’t the original attraction to occupy this space at Epcot. On opening day, World of Motion was the attraction that was located inside of the Transportation pavilion. This attraction was sponsored by GM and focused on the history of transportation. It remained in Epcot until it closed in 1996 to make way for an all-new thrill attraction focusing only on cars set to open in 1999. That attraction was Test Track!

Built to Last
Come hurricane-force winds, Test Track is not going anywhere! Imagineers were sure to build this attraction with natural disasters in mind given its location in Florida. With a great deal of the attraction’s track outdoors, Test Track was built to withstand winds of 200 miles per hour! Talk about a powerful pavilion.

Test Track gives guests of all ages the chance to create their own vehicle masterpiece and test it to determine whose vehicle is the best of the best! As such a large part of Epcot’s Future World, it’s hard to imagine this park without Test Track. So next time you visit the Most Magical Place on Earth, don’t forget to speed over to Test Track to check this thrill ride out!