Walt Disney World is known for its array of delicious meals offered on property. From tasty treats to fine dining, there’s something for everyone on Disney’s many menus! One of the best ways to take in as many food experiences as possible on your Disney vacation is by purchasing a Disney Dining Plan.

What’s a Disney Dining Plan?
Disney Dining Plans are a meal program option for guests staying on the Walt Disney World property for their vacation. Disney currently offers three tiers of pricing for their dining plans that range in price and food quantity to help cater to any family!

Tier I: Quick Service Dining Plan
This plan consists of two quick-service meals, two snack credits and one refillable mug per person per night. The Quick Service Dining Plan costs about $52.50 per adult per night, and about $21.74 per child (3-9 years old) per night.

Tier II: Regular Dining Plan
The Regular Dining Plan consists of one quick-service meal, one table-service meal, two snack credits and one refillable mug per person per night. This plan costs about $75.49 per adult per night and about $25.75 per child (3-9 years old) per night.

Tier III: Deluxe Dining Plan
This final plan consists of three quick-service or table-service meals (any combination), two snack credits and one refillable mug per person per night. The Deluxe Dining Plan costs about $116.25 per adult per night and about $39.99 per child (3-9 years old) per night.

To make the most of your Disney Dining Plan, you’ll want to check out these tips to help you stretch your dining investment!

Visit During Special Events
Disney snack credits are usually used towards a Dole Whip or Mickey Bar, but during the various festival seasons throughout the year at Epcot you can use these credits in another way! Most festival foods are also worth one snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan. Therefore, if you’re looking to snack around the World Showcase, your snack credit can get you some pretty tasty snack options! Planning to enjoy even more from the festival? A quick-service credit can also count as three snack credits, so make a meal out of some of your favorite tastes at Food and Wine Festival.

Try Quick-Service Reservations
Disney parks have been taking quick-service meal experiences to the next level thanks to a few new offerings around the property. At Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom, guests can enjoy breakfast or lunch in the Beast’s castle, thanks to Quick-Service Reservations! Disney’s Animal Kingdom also recently added a Family-Style Dining Experience for dinnertime at Pizzafari. While you might think of most quick-service experiences as a burger and fries and a struggle to find a table in a busy restaurant, guests can enjoy a quiet meal at a reserved table for the same cost on the Disney Dining Plan. Not only is this experience less hectic, but also a better use of that quick-service credit.

Pay Attention To Price
When it comes to booking table-service reservations on the Disney Dining Plan, it pays to check pricing. It’s understood that a table-service meal credit is worth about $40 on the Disney Dining Plan, so to make the most of that meal the goal is to try and spend more! When booking a table reservation, look into the restaurant’s menu pricing to try and find dining options that cost $40 or more. A majority of the character dining at Walt Disney World is considered one table-service credit, and tends to fall into this $40+ price range. This is great for families looking to enjoy these experiences, and save a little while doing it! These dining experiences are usually the first to book up, so plan to make these reservations 180 days out from your vacation.

Drink Up
In 2018, Disney added one alcoholic drink per meal to their dining plan for guests who are 21 and older. With drinks ranging in price from $7-$15 or more, this upgrade is a great way to treat yourself to some extra perks! Guests 21 and older have to option to choose an alcoholic drink for any quick-service or table-service credit meal, whether it be beer, wine or mixed drinks. One tip that many don’t know is that this service includes top-shelf brands as well! So go ahead and upgrade your tequila in World Showcase for no extra cost. It definitely pays to drink on the Disney Dining Plan!

Snack Strategically
Getting creative with snack credits is a great way to save! Although each guest is given two snack credits per day on the Disney Dining Plan, snack credits don’t have to be used the day they are issued. All credits on the Disney Dining Plans will continue to roll over until the day you check out. That means family members looking to snack less can save those credits until the end to stock up on Mickey-shaped snack souvenirs to enjoy even after the vacation has ended.

A trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth can add up fast, but with money-saving tips like these, you’ll know you’re making the most of your dining plan investment.