Universal Orlando is the only place in Orlando where you can go web-slinging with Spider-Man, hulk out with the Incredible Hulk, save the day with the X-Men and more! You'll find all your favorite Marvel Comics characters in Marvel Super Hero Island, only at Universal's Islands of Adventure.

With amazing rides, unique restaurants, lots of character encounters, chances to purchase exclusive comic book collectibles and more, Marvel Super Hero Island is a comic book fan's dream. Here's everything you need to know to get your epic super hero adventure started!

Rides and Experiences
If you're prepared to see what it takes to become a super hero yourself, look no further than these extraordinary rides and attractions located at Marvel Super Hero Island. Soar above the island at speeds up to 67 mph on The Incredible Hulk Coaster. Save the city from disaster in 3-D with The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. Test your bravery on the Doctor Doom’s Fearfall drop tower attraction. Help the X-Men save the world from Magneto on Storm Force Accelatron. And put your gaming skills to the test at Kingpin’s Arcade.

Meet Your Favorite Super Heroes
Now that you've proven you have what it takes, it's time to meet the team. Guests visiting Universal Orlando have the opportunity to meet popular Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Captain America, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm and Rogue — as well as Marvel super villains like Dr. Doom and The Green Goblin. You can even get your photo taken in front of a special green-screen with Spider-Man, so it looks like you're on the cover of your very own comic book!

Fuel Up with Super Eats
Fighting crime sure can make a super hero hungry. Lucky for you there's a few places to vanquish your cravings at Marvel Super Hero Island. Clobber your appetite at the Cafe 4, serving pizza, pasta and more. Grab an all-American burger or chicken dish at the Captain America Diner. Or make reservations for the incredible Marvel Character Dinner, where your family gets to feast with Marvel's finest! Between meals, grab yourself a scoop at Chill Ice Cream.

Souvenirs for Every Marvel Fan
With a variety of shops that sell everything from Marvel apparel and toys, to rare comic book collectibles and even comic books themselves, there's something for every kind of fan. The Marvel Alterniverse Store is your spot to stock up on character t-shirts, mugs and more. Find super stylish clothing and accessories at the Marvel Boutique. There's the Comic Book Shop for all you collectors out there. And the Spider-Man Shop is filled with tons of toys, so it's a big hit with kids.

Super Secrets and Fun Surprises
While looking for your next adventure, keep your eyes peeled around every corner. You might just find a hidden Easter egg or fun surprise. You may notice phones located on some of the streets. Pick up the receiver for a secret mission from S.H.I.E.L.D.! Pay attention to the street signs in Marvel Super Hero Island, as they're named after comic book creators and legends like Stan Lee. And don't miss the murals located on the yellow spikes in the center of the land. This is a great spot to see if you can find your favorite Marvel characters and grab a photo.