Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios allows guests of all ages to live their own Star Wars adventure on the planet of Batuu. Only in this immersive land can you try blue or green milk, pilot the Millennium Falcon, grab a drink at Oga’s Cantina, and make your very own lightsaber or droid! 

For any Star Wars lover, this idea of handcrafting your own Lightsaber sounds like a dream come true. At Savi’s Workshop this is a possibility, just make sure the First Order doesn’t find out! This workshop is a guarded secret from the First Order, so it’s best we try to keep it that way. Savi’s Workshop is hidden in plain sight at Black Spire Outpost. What appears to be a scrapyard is actually a front for this Star Wars-exclusive experience!

If you sense the Force guiding you to the path of creating your own Lightsaber, you’ll want to visit the “keeper of the Force” or the Gatherers. Gatherers have dedicated themselves to restoring balance in the galaxy, and their job is to share their knowledge of the ancient ways of the Jedi with you. A Gatherer will be your guide in constructing your very own Lightsaber!

First you must find the super-secret symbol that helps to identify Savi’s Workshop. The secret symbol can be recognized on a blue banner hanging within the land. Once you’ve found the secret symbol and told the Gatherer the secret password, you’re ready to start your Lightsaber journey!

How much will my lightsaber cost and where do I begin?
A customized lightsaber in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge costs $199.99 and includes a carrying case in the purchase. If you’re interested in additional customization on your lightsaber, these addons can be found at Dok-Ondar’s Antiquities. Once you’ve paid for your lightsaber outside of Savi’s Workshop, you’ll receive a card with your group number on it. For a truly immersive experience, these cards are written in Aurebesh and must be translated using your Datapad!

Lightsaber Hilts
Guests have four different lightsaber hilts to choose from before constructing their own. The four lightsaber themes include Elemental Nature, Peace and Justice, Power and Control, and Protection and Defense. Here’s a brief breakdown of each of the four lightsaber themes:

Elemental Nature: This lightsaber hilt is made from materials that are “born from the Force” like Cartusion whale bones, Rancor teeth, and Brylark trees. It has been said that “The Force is an energy field created by all living things, surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds us all together.”

Peace and Justice: This simple lightsaber design is favored to honor the Jedi’s commitment to serving as a guardian of peace and justice in the galaxy. Materials for this lightsaber hilt include recovered scraps from starships and fallen Jedi temples. 

Power and Control: This lightsaber design is sharp and represents the dark desires and brutality of the Sith as they attempt to control the galaxy. Materials for the Power and Control theme are rumored to come from abandoned Sith temples and the Sith homeworld, as it is inspired by those who chose the dark side.

Protection and Defense: This lightsaber theme uses the earliest of lightsaber materials to connect the lightsaber creator with “the ancient wellspring of the Force.” In fact, this lightsaber theme includes hilt pieces that are etched with a mysterious script!

Once you select which of the four lightsaber themes best suits your Star Wars adventure, you’ll get a card that shares which theme you’ve selected. This card will later be handed to a Gatherer once it’s your turn to enter the experience. As another special souvenir, you’ll also receive a pin that represents your lightsaber theme. Feel free to wear this while you’re visiting Batuu to show your pride as a new lightsaber craftsman.

Until it’s your turn to begin the experience, you’ll wait in a holding area before entering the shop. Only 14 people may enter the shop at a time, so expect a wait depending on traffic levels in the park.

Savi’s Workshop
It’s time for you to customize your lightsaber, so get excited! Savi’s workshop is chock full of kyber crystals, saber pieces, and many tales of the Force and the Jedi Order. The center of the workshop is where you’ll find the Builder’s Table. Each building station at the Builder’s Table is prepped and ready for your customizing adventure, and even features a resting place for your Kyber Crystal once you select it. All fourteen builders will find their spot and get ready to start becoming one with the Force!

The Gatherer begins by explaining the history of lightsabers and some of the characters who owned them. You’ll then have the chance to choose your very own kyber crystal! You can go with Green like Yoda, Red like the Sith, Blue like Obi-wan and Luke Skywalker, or Purple like Mace! Which will you choose?

Once you’ve selected your very own kyber crystal, you’ll receive your selected lightsaber hilt and it’s time to start building! A tray of metal saber parts or delivered right to your station and the Gatherers will make their way around the group helping you to customize your lightsaber. As your lightsaber is assembled, you’ll place your saber into a special chamber to activate the kyber crystal.

All of the lightsabers activate together in dim light, which really creates a stunning effect and experience! Builders are then given a canvas sheath for their lightsaber to carry it on their backs and then they are led out of Savi’s Workshop.

Building your very own lightsaber is an experience that can only happen in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! For the set price of $199, Star Wars super fans of all ages can sport their very own lightsaber as a memory of their visit to Batuu. If this experience seems like a must do for you, be sure to visit Savi’s Workshop in Black Spire Outpost on your next visit to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. May the Force be with you, always!