While SeaWorld’s water park Aquatica offers plenty of splashy thrills and excitement, there are also lots of ways to slow down and enjoy some relaxation. From lying out on a sandy beach to floating down a lazy river and even watching dolphins swim, here are 8 tips for a relaxing day at Aquatica.

Dine All Day
Even if you love to cook sometimes you just need somebody else to do it for you. Let Aquatica do the cooking during your vacation with the All-Day Dining Deal. Choose from three restaurants or try them all and enjoy a beverage, entree, side or dessert up to once every hour. 

Cashless Wristband
One way to make your stay at Aquatica relaxing is to not have to carry around a wallet or purse. With the Cashless Wristband, scan at any shop or restaurant to make a purchase without fumbling around for your money. The best part is your account automatically settles at the end of the day.

Sun Bathe
Nothing is more relaxing than lying out on the beach. Aquatica invites you to relax under the sun on the beaches of Cutback Cove and Big Surf Shores. Grab a complimentary lounge chair for even more relaxation or upgrade to a wave pool lounger with an attached shade top. You can also enjoy the ultimate relaxation with a cabana rental.

Enjoy a Relaxing Drink
You know what pairs perfectly with relaxation? A drink. Cool-off beachside or pool-side with one of Aquatica’s drinks including specialty cocktails and ice cold beer for the adults and slushes and Coca-Cola products for the kiddos.

Float Down a Lazy River
Ahhhh, the lazy river. We could float down Aquatica’s lazy river all day long without a care in the world, and so can you. Loggerhead Lane takes you on a leisurely ride down the river with calming waterfalls and underwater viewing of Commerson’s dolphins and exotic tropical fish.

Splash in Wave Pool
Sometimes relaxing means forgetting your trouble sand just enjoying a splash in giant waves. Aquatica offers side-by-side wave pools - Cutback Cove, with waves that are high and always rolling and Big Surf Shores with surf that can be high or slow and easy.

Quick Queue
Waiting in long lines for rides on a hot summer day can be less than relaxing but with Aquatica’s Quick Queue, you can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the park’s thrills. Get front-of-the-line access to such popular rides as Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, Walhalla Wave and more.

Commerson’s Dolphins
Studies have proven that aquariums can help you relax and at Aquatica, you can enjoy a giant one filled with Commerson’s Dolphins. Catch an underwater glimpse of these playful dolphins and enjoy the deep relaxation you feel.