Roller coaster fans get ready. It’s finally time. After 2-long years, Busch Gardens Tampa will welcome its 10th coaster and North America’s tallest hybrid coaster opened on March 11. Iron Gwazi will take guests high into the sky to a 206-foot-tall peak before plunging them down a 91-degree drop, all while reaching top speeds of 76 miles per hour.  



The experience incorporates elements of the original “Gwazi” ride as well as a dozen airtime moments, including three inversions. This all happens over more than 4,000 feet of steel track. Another bonus to the new coaster is its 48” height requirement. If you have mini thrill seekers this is one the entire family will be able to enjoy.  

 “The incredible anticipation for Iron Gwazi is shared by both our guests and Ambassadors, and we are beyond excited to open this amazing coaster,” said Neal Thurman, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Park President in a statement. “Iron Gwazi diversifies our thrill ride portfolio and is an impressive addition to the Tampa skyline. Combining classic elements of a wooden coaster with a smooth, steel track will provide thrill seekers with an unforgettable experience.”

 We mentioned the 4,000 feet of steel track but, Iron Gwazi will also throw back to its original form with wooden elements. The ride should be quite the experience, incorporating everything we loved about Gwazi while modernizing it will steel and adding even more thrills. 

In addition to the opening of Iron Gwazi coaster, Busch Gardens Tampa’s water park, Adventure Island will welcome its own thrills this year.  Two new slides will debut at the park - Rapids Racer and Wahoo Remix. Rapids Racer is a two-person raft that will slide guests through 600 feet of slide. The ride picks up its thrills as guests chase each other through the world’s first dueling saucers. Meanwhile, Wahoo Remix, formerly Wahoo Run, will be the park’s first waterslide to have synchronized light and sound. The slide will also take guests down 600 feet of slide.