There is so much more to do at LEGOLAND Florida than building bricks and riding rides. The Orlando theme park invites kiddos to expand the fun with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills during the park’s LEGO STEM classes.

Kids can spend the day exploring LEOGLAND Florida and enjoy some applied learning on life-sized machines, aka the rides with the park’s STEM field trips.

Choose from several Educational Experiences or a self-guided adventure throughout the park. The experiences include:
Spinning Out - Explore the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the movement of an object
Milo’s Journey - Guests will build and program Milo rovers using LEGO Education WeDo 2.0
Tall Towers - Architect Apprentices will create the tallest towns ever built Learn about tower structures and then create your own.
The Hound of Brockville - Help build an alarm system to warn everybody of a giant hound on the loose.
LEGO City 500 - Learn about inertia, wind resistance, friction and gravity as you operate the
LEGO Technic Pit Stop
Code Name: Renewable - Build a solar powered ferris wheel
20205: A Space Rescue - Complete three challenges using LEGO MIDTERMS Education EV3 robot, a ruler and protractor.
Asteroid Impact - Learn to pilot your very own LEGO WINDSTORMS Education EV3 robot, named Astro Bot.

Each educational experience is 45-minutes and includes hands-on, educational and entertaining sessions aligned with Florida Standards. Educational Research Guided area available for each experience and outline activities throughout the park as well as pre-/post-visit worksheets.

To learn more about how LEGOLAND Florida’s rides work, make sure you book a STEM field trip.