In just two weeks, Busch Gardens Tampa will transform into your worst nightmare when Howl-O-Scream, Tampa’s top Halloween event, takes over the park. This year, Busch Gardens is celebrating 20 Years of Fear so it’s only fitting to bring back some of the events legendary haunts and characters. Here is your official guide to Howl-O-Scream 2019:

Haunted Houses
The Residence - One of many haunted houses to this year’s event, The Residence takes guests inside the Clark residence, the seemingly perfect family. But looks are deceiving as you will find out. Be prepared to encounter the Clark’s true nature and their domestic demons as they look for sacrifices.

Death Water Bayou: Wrath of the Queen - Encounter voodoo magic inside Death Water Bayou: Wrath of the Queen. Enter the swamps where the Queen of the Shadows has been lifted from the dead by voodoo’s dark magic. She’s seeking revenge on the living and has a fan club who curse all who enter the Queen’s swamp.

Insomnia: Patients’ Revenge - Step inside your worst nightmare in Insomnia: Patients’ Revenge. After years of inhumane treatment, the patients are out for revenge against the demonic doctors. Make sure you stay out of their way.

Motel Hell: Infestation - There is something creepy and crawly happening at Motel Hell Infestation. The Motel Shellburn has been overrun by insects and the exterminator is determined to get rid of all signs of life inside, you included.

The Black Spot: Bloodshed - Set sail with infamous pirate Captain Saw-Tooth Silas’ in The Black Spot: Bloodshed. Step onto the pirate ship but don’t expect to leave. This house is full of hidden tunnels of torture.

Simon’s Slaughterhouse - The sixth and final haunted house is Simon’s Slaughterhouse. Expect the ultimate in horror inside this house as every turn features a new sickening scene. Careful not to get caged in or you’ll wind up on Simon’s butcher block.

Scare Zones
Scare zones are positioned around the park and feature all of the haunts of a house like ghoulish characters and scream worthy scenes. The difference is, these scare zones aren’t inside, and the characters simply roam free in the area.

First Fear - Since Howl-O-Scream is celebrating its 20th anniversary it is only fitting that this year’s event pay homage to the anniversary. The scare zone First Fear brings Howl-O-Scream’s terrifying past back to the park. Guests will walk through 20 years of horror as characters from past events return in a frightening way.

Little Nightmares - Don’t let the name fool you. Little nightmares offers up some big scares as your worst nightmares as a child are brought to life.

Carpe Noctem - Carpe Noctem takes guests inside a gothic Romanian cemetery where vampires are heard feasting on their human victims. Watch your back!

Camp DOA - Murderous mutants have taken over a peaceful campground in Camp DOA. Be on the lookout for the creatures who are snatching people from their sleep.

Día De Los Muertos - Día De Los Muertos is little less scary and a lot more fun. The scare zone includes face painters, traditional tastes of Mexico, performers and more, as you celebrate those who have gone before you.

Meat Market - Howl-O-Scream’s most frightening scare zone will put guests in the center of a disgusting assault by cannibal creatures gorging on human parts. Good luck not gagging through this one.

Entertainment: Fiends Show
If you like to watch the horror unfold before your eyes don’t miss the Fiends Show. Put on by the creatures of the night, Fiends Show will feature a contagious dance party at the Stanleyville Theater.

The blood-curdling screams don’t end in the scare zones and haunted houses. All of Busch Gardens’ thrill rides including Tigris, Cobra’s Curse, Falcon’s Fury, Cheetah Hunt, Montu, SheiKra and Kumba will be operating. And this year you can’t escape the monsters of Howl-O-Scream. They even join you on these rides.

Photo Ops, Games, Dining & Liquor Bars
Capture the fright on film, shop for horrific memorabilia and play terrifying games throughout the park. You can also imbibe in an adult beverage at Full-service Liquor Bars in Pantopia at the Entrance, Serengeti Overlook Pub, Stanleyville, Meat Market Bar and the Bairobi Walkway.

Busch Gardens’ Howl-O-Scream kicks off September 20 and runs through November 2.