Dinosaurs live at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo! Now through August 31, guests to the zoo can roam amongst the life-size prehistoric creatures in the Dinos Alive! exhibit and learn more about them through the eyes of paleontologists. Let’s take a look at the top dinosaurs you’ll see at the Dinos Alive! Exhibit: 

Come face to face with the might Tyrannosaurus Rex at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo

Tyrannosaurus Rex – Get an up-close look at one of the largest and most powerful predators of all time. This treacherous creature not only moves but he roars, giving guests the complete feel of what it is like to stand in front of a real one. There is also a juvenile T-Rex that travels the perimeter of the prehistoric park so be on the lookout! 

Be amazed by the 18-foot-tall Brachiosaurus

Brachiosaurus – Not quite as scary as the T-Rex but nevertheless fascinating is the 18-foot-tall Brachiosaurus. The herbivore doens’t have as many teeth as the T-Rex but  his height alone is astounding. He too will engage with you through natural movements and noises so you can understand how he survived at a time full of predators like the T-Rex.

Suchomimus boast crocodile-like snouts

Suchomimus – The T-Rex isn’t the only predator at Dinos Alive! The Suchomimus are just as terrifying to come across with their crocodile-like snouts, distinctive tail on their lower back and huge, foot-long claws on each thumb. Watch as the Suchomimus use the claws to catch fish and interact with predators.

Guests will be surprised by the stunning detail in the Utahraptor

Utahraptor – One of the more thrilling dinos is the Utahraptor. With feather-like skin and a mean mug filled with razor sharp teeth, this mighty hunter is worth a photo..

The complete list of Dinos you can see in the exhibit include:

1. Citipati
2. Diabloceratops
3. Protohadros
4. Utahraptor
5. Quetzalcoatlus
6. Sarcosuchus
7. Brachiosaurus
8. Dilophosaurus
9. Stegoceras
10. Coelophysis
11. Suchomimus
12. Acrocanthosaurus
13. Carnotaurus
14. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Dinos Alive! also features special activities that visitors can explore with a “Dino Passport” including a fossil dig and a new show Dinos Among Us. In between dinosaurs you can satisfy your massive hunger with a meal at the recently refurbished Dino Grille. The restaurant serves up “dino-sized food and drinks.”  For a chance to meet dinosaurs at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo look for discounted tickets here on Best of Orlando.