The first 2 seasons of Netflix’s Stranger Things were such hits it was no surprise when Universal Orlando announced a haunted house in the show’s honor for its annual Halloween Horror Nights event. As we wait for Netflix to release the date of Season 3, Universal invites you to step inside Hawkins and experience some of the same horror from the show’s first 2 seasons, including the disappearance of Will, The Upside Down and more.

The Disappearance of Will Byers
As you step inside the Stranger Things haunted house the first scene you will come across is Will’s abandoned bike. As you recall, Will disappeared on his bike riding home from Mike’s house. Seeing his bike in the woods will leave you with a sense of dread, and a peak into the terror that’s to come.

Christmas Lights
Perhaps the most famous scene of Stranger Things is when Will’s mother Joyce strings Christmas lights over the alphabet in order to communicate with her son. Visitors will walk right into Joyce’s living room and see the lights flicker over the letters as Will talks to you through the walls.

The Upside Down
You can’t have a house based on Stranger Things without taking guests inside The Upside Down. In search of Will, guests will enter the alternate dimension, fighting through spores and past invasive vines. The anticipation of what or who you might find is even more intense than when you watched the final episode of Season 1.