Universal Orlando just announced the 9th haunted house for Halloween Horror Nights 2018. The house will be a combination of two films from Blumhouse Productions called Horrors of Blumhouse.

The maze will be based around 2017’s Happy Death Day, aka “Groundhog Day,” where a college student relives the same day over and over again - the day she’s murdered.

“Who is her killer? You’ll find out as you fight to survive an unknown entity wearing all black and the mask of the college mascot,” Patrick Braillard, show director for Universal Orlando, wrote in a blog post.

The second film featured is 2018’s The First Purge, a prequel to the popular horror series.

“We’re taking you back to the beginning to show you how The First Purge came about and how the nation changed — when all crime became legal for one night,” Braillard wrote. “As soon as the siren sounds, it’s every person for themselves.”

This is the second year a Halloween Horror Nights maze is themed around a combination of Blumhouse movies.

This house is a notable break from the ’80’s horror theme. Nether of the Blumhouse movies take place in the decade, in fact The First Purge takes place in the future.

Horror of Blumhouse joins previously announced houses including Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Poltergeist, Seeds of Extinction, Carnival Graveyard: Rust in Pieces, Slaughter Sinema, Trick 'r Treat, Dead Exposure: Patient Zero, and the highly anticipated Stranger Things house.

Halloween Horror Nights runs on select nights September 14 through November 3.