Travel back 2,000 years and discover the Bible come to life at The Holy Land Experience. Walk through ancient ruins, take in the stories of the Bible and learn more about what life was like in the time of Jesus.

You’ll Step Inside the Bible
The moment you step inside The Holy Land Experience you’ll be transported into the Bible with structures and exhibits that characterize the style, architecture and settings that existed in the Holy Land 2,000 years ago.

Visit Biblical Locations
The Land is home to historical places found in the Bible including Garden Tomb, the Qumran Caves, the Great Temple, the layout of the city of Jerusalem and more. Not only will you walk through these places but you will learn their significance thanks to The Holy Land Experience’s Biblical Archeologists.

Church of All Nations
The 2,000 seat Church of Nations auditorium is a must-see during your Holy Land Experience visit. The state-of-the-art facility features spectacular productions, live programs, musical guest, praise and worship concerts, church services and more.

Jerusalem Model
Visit the model of Jerusalem, the largest indoor replica in the world. Visitors will be able to see where Jesus walked, ministered, healed and performed miracles. See the Temple where sacrifices took place, follow the steps Jesus took from the Upper Room to Calvary and the empty tomb and more.

Theatrical Productions
Inside the Church of Nations auditorium take in theatrical productions of events that transpired during this time period. Recreations of the ministry of Jesus, stories from the Old Testament, miracles and more are all acted out. The Holy Land Experience live stage productions include The Story of Maria Magdalena, Simeon’s House, Lazarus’ House and more.

Behind the Scenes Tour
Choose from several different tours including the Tabernacle Tour where you will learn how the Tabernacle was used; The Tech Tour, which takes you backstage and onstage for a glimpse of the state-of-the-art technology used in the shows; and the Wardrobe Tour offers insight into the handmade costumes that are used on stage.

Kids Activities
The kids can enjoy some fun of their own at the Roman Soldier Training Camp. Become a warrior and train alongside Rome’s greatest defenders. There is also the Smile of A Child Adventure Land where kiddos can get their face painted, rock climb, play Mini Golf, enjoy special crafts and more.