The 1980’s horror continues at Universal Orlando this September. The Orlando theme park recently announced that a haunted house based on the 1982 supernatural film, Poltergeist, will join this year’s roster at Halloween Horror Nights.

The new maze, called Poltergeist, will take guests inside the Freeling family home where guests will come face-to-face with characters and infamous scenes from the horror film including the creepy hands in the television and pool full of dead bodies. According to Universal, “as guests cross into the ‘light,’ they will find themselves surrounded by a surreal landscape of vanishing walls, floating furniture and a creepy clown with a menacing smile. In a rush against time, guests will be forced to make it back to the world of the living or forever be trapped…”

The Poltergeist house announcement was made just a day after Universal announced a post-apocalyptic-themed house called Seeds of Extinction, in which predatory plants have wiped out the human race.

Universal will feature a record 10 haunted houses this year, and Poltergeist is the seventh. So far the lineup includes Seeds of Extinction, Carnival Graveyard: Rust in Pieces, Slaughter Sinema, Trick 'r Treat, Dead Exposure: Patient Zero, and a Stranger Things house.

Halloween Horror Nights runs select nights September 14 through November 3. Stay tuned for more details.